Sunday, January 10, 2016


Once upon a time it was January, and it cooled down and we had some gorgeous weather. So nice. I think on Tuesday I convinced Sterling to come to the park with us right when he got off work (he usually sleeps since his shift starts at 4am) so we could enjoy the sunshine. And the huge drop in temps to 68 degrees. It was one of those perfect, perfect, perfect days. I tried running. Ha. Ha. Ha. I've been pretty good about working out since December, but just doing youtube cardio on the wii while the kids dance around me. I forget how much I hate running. Except it was kind of fun since I was out in that absolutely perfect weather. 

Will grew out of his ninja turtle sweater that he's had for two years. I couldn't resist replacing it since he still has such a love for it! The love has only amplified with a new hoodie, haha!
Will and Ruthie took turns riding his balance bike down this little hill on our way home from the park. Over and over and over again. Will was quite the daredevil and SO good at balancing! We've got to start working on his pedaling skills though, because he is getting too tall!
This girl rides her bear CONSTANTLY.

 Besides beautiful weather we have also had a ton of rain. Which means inside days. Or days to the library. Molly LOVES to read and will sit and read for such a long time. Which is a good thing because she has hit that mischievous stage FULL throttle! This morning alone we had an entire roll of toilet paper shredded. As well as a good portion of 1 Samuel and Doctrine and Covenants of my nice scripture set. Sigh. Not to mention my phone in the tub on Thursday which resulted in it completely dying. I mean, a phone can only take so many dunks. By some miracle it didn't show water damage, so they replaced it for free, yay! 
Those toes!

She can also sign 'please' now, which is adorable. Unlike Will though, she doesn't just do it and grunt. She signs and shrieks "MAMA--------A!" at the top of her lungs. At least it's something?

Ruthie was reading and this is where she perched herself. I thought it was hilarious. 
We decided to start a new family tradition. Because I love traditions. And also because I REALLY wanted a burger. REALLY wanted a burger. I was all upset and hiccuping my way through my silly drama to Sterling, and then he went to give me a hug of comfort and I ended with "and I REALLY want a burger!" he started laughing at me SO hard! We literally never go out to eat. But I found out that Red Robin (one of my fav's here, due to the lack of Big Jim's Burger and Warrens in Miami) has a gluten free bun that they will put on ANY of their burgers! YAY! So we decided that we would go out to eat as a family for the beginning of the year and the kids were thrilled. They got milkshakes with sprinkles and you'd think they'd died and gone to heaven. It was enchanting. 

Then we walked around the Falls mall while Sterling took my phone into the apple store. Only to find out there was a 2.5 hour wait. Oh big cities, the pro's and the con's are endless.

And yes, Will wore his "cooker-man" apron into Red Robin and all around the outdoor mall. Because when your son wants to be a chef, who am I to stand in his way? He can take over ANY time!

We also had our first counselor in primary sustained today in the stake RS presidency. I just about died. Not only do we have a MIA president, now we don't have a first counselor. Not to mention a no-show nursery teacher, and only two Sunday school teachers showed up today. I'm going a little bit CRAZY about all of this. But it's all good. I survived. 

Sterling said I should start blogging about being gluten-free. I have not taken any pictures, but MAN!, we have had some delicious, delicious, mouth-watering dishes this week. Primarily the mushroom gravy one. Or maybe it's just because I miss mushrooms so much because Sterling doesn't like them. But it was AMAZING. 

In other news, Will drew a picture of his friend Kaden with "spikey hair" and it looks like a massive spider with a thousand legs---I laugh every single time I look at the fridge! I love that age and drawing! Will is also the sweetest with Molly. He often goes up and gives her hugs and says "I just lub-ba you baby." or he'll caress her cheeks and say "doh dweet baby cheeked". It's the cutest ever. And Ruth can write the letter A and the letter W. I have no idea why W.

Last night, Sterling and I were indulging ourselves on Ben & Jerry's (after eating out too, I know!?!) and watching a show together. Will got out of bed and saw the ice cream and really wanted some. I told him he couldn't have ice cream until he was old and married like daddy and ate it at night with his wife. Eventually he went back to sleep. Today he turned around in church and they were talking about his upcoming birthday with him and how he was getting big, he says "yeah, I'm going to get big, big, big like daddy and then I can eat ice cream!" HAAHAAHAA.

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruth's floral leggings!!! She is getting so tall and skinny and little girl-ish! When did this happen!!!