Monday, May 9, 2016

A Bit of Life

We have been busy with a lot of things lately. These are pictures of Ruthie before we went to a baptism. We had just got out of the pool and I thought she looked SOOO pretty!

She wanted to hold up the Elsa nightgown she got at Sam's earlier that day haha.
Crazy boy. 
The kids have been SUPER into puppet shows lately, which is hilarious. Except that there are socks EVERYWHERE. Haha.

This one is the BEST snuggler!

Last Sunday we went on a walk that was going to lead to the ocean, but it was flooded. And it was in a sick/swampy area so we didn't really want to wade through and get eaten alive by bugs. So we turned around and walked to a park where the kids spent an hour gathering rocks to build teepees. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

Too much water on the path.
The crazy trees that live in swamps.
These are the cool mossy trees at the park. 
Finding rocks. 
Crazy, crazy cheeser girls.

These lizards are really pretty. I remember learning about them when we toured Vizcaya. The guy actually brought them over from Spain and now they are out of control living in Miami. HAHA.
Spot him in that tree? 

Molly kept picking me these dainty little purple flowers. She's the sweetest.
Then we had a busy week that apparently I took no pictures of...and had a bbq on Friday night with some friends. Which we now all regret due to OVER 33 NOSEEUM bites ALL OVER MY LEGS AND ELBOWS!!!! Poor Molly has been scratching and going crazy. Apparently May-June and right after rain is when they go crazy. And they aren't deterred by mosquito repellent, which we were religiously wearing, because this is Florida. Sigh.
Jeff and Diana brought a hammock, because they are cool like that. 

Bocce ball.  
These are our friend Jeff and Diana, and Brent and Janessa. We play games late at night with them a LOT because they don't have kids. So they just come on over when our kids are in bed and we don't have to get a babysitter. It is the BEST set-up ever. Haha. Jeff will be in Sterling's class next year(and the next three) and we are super excited about that. We actually played games last night (Mother's Day) until WAAAAY too late and then Molly got up WAAAAAY too early, but it was a blast. 
They are so patient with my kids ruining their game. Thanks guys. 

That's about it for random photos I've taken this week. We've actually been swimming three times but I never end up having my camera. Also, Ruthie is swimming without a floatie which is stressful for me, haha and means I take less pictures. Molly won't even get in (the pool water has been a little chilly due to a rainstorm) and so I've been working on that, haha. 

I've still been going to body pump and loving it. I still teach piano two days a week. Sterling still studies every evening after work. We still have to go to the laundromat for laundry. Although--our friends DID pick us up a $5 microwave, so that's been super nice. And....that's about all folks.


Kami said...

Ah, Ruthie does look pretty. And cool lizards.

Bridget Cunningham said...

What is a noseeum??? Sounds horrible! I can't believe Ruth is almost 5! He asked the other day and I said she was 3 turning 4 but then realized it wasn't possible with your other 2 and it made me so very sad!! H
She is growing up! I'm loving your hair! I see you haven't chopped it are your kidless friends members? So fun to have friends,we need to get some haha also I loooove the puppets!!

Bridget Cunningham said...

I clearly wrote that on my phone and auto correct hates me... I meant Jenny asked me about Ruth's age. And sorry about the lack of punctuation!