Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another Zoo Miami Day!

 I only pulled my camera out once while we walked around the ENTIRE zoo. Because lets be real. Mom+3 kids = zero time for photos. But I had to take a picture of this gorilla and the iguana in front of him in the grass. Because it was cool. And also--I've never seen the gorilla up and about before, he's usually just snoozing in the shade.

 The big splash pad was PACKED with a field trip worth of kids, so we stopped at the little splash pad and had it basically to ourselves. My kids LOVE the water, I love sitting in the shade, and I got to pull my camera out and actually take some picture because they are occupied. Win, win. 

Molly was HILARIOUS. The water would suddenly squirt super high and Ruth and Will would go running, and Molly would get this hilariously huge grin on her face and run directly into the water. Unfortunately, it was never in my direction for a great picture, but it was so much fun to watch!
I'm working on training my kids not to drink chlorinated water, I promise. Who knew that would be so hard? 

Molly's smile. Why is she getting so big?!?!? I just want to freeze her already! Why hasn't anyone figured out how to do that yet? I mean, she is just SOOOO perfect right now!
Ruth's face! HAAHAAHAA

That little ruffle bum is the cutest thing we saw all day.

You can see her grin here. She was in heaven! It was SOOO much fun to watch her today! That girl was so happy!
Ruth's face! The other splash pad has a more regular rhythm to the water coming off and on. This one is totally random and it was so funny to watch them get caught by surprise!

Endless hours of fun in the sun. I forgive you my 33 bites right now Miami. And maybe even the two on Molly's head that she has now picked to bleeding and scabs making it so I can't brush her hair out. Because today was perfection. Hippos swimming, gorillas and iguanas playing, gibbon monkeys screeching and massive turtles walking around PLUS a splash pad. I don't think it gets much better than that in the kids' book. Also-my kids are just the CUTEST lately. Ruthie is SO helpful and wonderful. Will is hilarious and so much fun to love on. He is definitely a touch-lovin' person. Which I love. Molly...she doesn't love Will's love-touches quite so much. HAHA. And Molly--she is a crazy, independent, sentence-talking, BIG little person that has so much personality I really can't keep up with her. And even though it's hard to keep up--I really wouldn't want it any other way. Because that crazy grin up there? It melts me every time. Oh man, stay forever my little one year old Miss Molly. You are REALLY not allowed to turn two this summer, because this mama heart can't handle that.

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