Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lately (moving)

Sterling's mom-mom asked for some updated photos of the kids. Since we missed Sacrament Meeting on Sunday (uh yeah...Molly was awake from 1:30-4:30 after we'd already been up til midnight. Sterling fed the kids breakfast and then said he was going to snuggle with me for one minute, and we both fell fast asleep. It was a beautiful thing. haha) I figured we might as well take a moment for some photos! 
When I pull out the gel he only allows faux hawks, silly man. This photo of him gives me all the feels. He's too big! He's so handsome! He's growing too fast! He's such a good little man! He's the greatest!
They couldn't keep their hands to themselves for photos, so I had them fold their arms. I didn't realize how gangsta that would come off, haha! 
That dress of Molly's I pulled out this week. LONG LONG LONG story--but we're moving. Our dyer has been broken since February and then our microwave broke. We stopped paying rent (after giving seven days notice, as per our lawyer-friend told us) and he didn't say a word to us for two months. In the interim we got nervous about getting kicked out by our HOA(Sterling received a notice stating that they weren't being paid). Also-we have never had a time withOUT problems with our landlord, so we needed to move. Plus, he didn't contact us to re-sign our lease, which means it automatically goes to a month-to-month contract. We didn't want to be at the mercy of his whim's and have to find a lease for under a year and move during the middle of second year. Much better for everyone involved that we move BEFORE second year starts. SOOOO...I got a little crazy antsy (things move so SLOW with the moving process here!) and pulled out all the kids' totes and went through everything we own. The dress Molly is wearing is 3T (she wears 12 mo shorts and 2T tops right now) but Ruth thought it was adorable and showed it to me, and I looked at it and thought, that would probably fit. And it does! It makes me think of Devaney every time I see it, because it was originally Devaney's. Fun stuff. 

We're moving to a place that is cheaper, has a third bedroom, is in the same complex as my best-Miami-friend, and we have already spoken with the owner MULTIPLE times. He got so fed up with our paranoia (our current landlord has made us really particular about leases!) that he said he'd cover ANYTHING that goes wrong in the first thirty days at full cost. HAHA. We love him already.

I know, it's all the same photo. But I see something different in each one and I just can't delete! I love them all!

She is NOT allowed to look this old. Oh, how I love her!
He kept posing so fast that half my pictures came out blurry. Next time I'll have to do action mode to get a face shot of him! 

AND HOW IS SHE THIS BIG?!?!?! Her little shoes and LONG legs! Every time I look at those legs I cry a little bit inside because they are officially toddler legs. Where did my baby go?!?!?
Molly is such a character lately. Okay, always. But now she is throwing words into the mix and it is just so much fun! Right now I especially love her "Ta-DA!!!". She does it for everything. Shuts a door "ta-DA!", picks up a toy "ta-DA!", twirls around "ta-DA!". It's the cutest thing ever. She also says "okay" all the time, but she says it really timid and it is just the sweetest thing ever. I'll tell her to go sit up to the table "Oh-tay mama" in this teeny, tiny, little voice. Heart melts. At the dinner table it is always 'more please', which sounds like 'MO-PEAS! MO-PEAS! MO-PEAS!' in such fast succession that I'm impressed she can breathe and talk at all! haha.

Sterling took a few photos of me, but then I looked at my puffy eyes that had not slept all night and decided that was a BAD idea. I did just get highlights in my hair though, so that's fun. 
His eyelashes here!!!!
I keep going back on my insta account and looking at this photo. It is just so much perfection. Oh, that boy. He is really struggling with being three lately. It is HARD to listen and not get angry and not hit your sisters. We have quite a few time outs, early bedtimes, and not being able to get treats. There was a doozy at Target on Monday. I had to get a couple of candy bars for some piano students. He saw some Spiderman flip-flops. He already has sandals, so I said no to the sandals. He wanted to carry them. I said he could carry them around the store, but then we would have to put them back. Of course, that did not go as planned. I have never heard such ear-splitting, never-ending screams. He did not get the sandals though, and for that I am still a little bit proud. I walked out of that Target head held high. Kind of. We scrambled out as fast as possible. HAHA. But other times he is SO sweet and plays so well with his sisters! Yesterday he scrubbed the tub and the first thing when Sterling got home he said was "DAD! I washed the tub ALL BY MYSELF!" He was SOOOO proud. He also had to eat another pancake this morning because Ruth had four, and he couldn't let her beat him, haha. Good times.
Other than that, not much has been happening. I took the van in this morning to get fixed, so I feel like I should be packing or something since I'm stuck at home. But we still have to wait for an HOA approval and that can take up to twenty days, and we don't have to be out until the 21st--so I don't want to go too crazy and then have to live without anything for a month. 

Ruth asks every morning "Is it the first of July yet? Are we going to Utah?" A little while ago I told her we would go in 'six more Sundays' and she's been holding me to it. Haha. She also copies letters onto her coloring pages and when she hands it to me says "I learned some new letters for you, mom!" haha. 

We had an AWESOME beach day last week--the kids had SOOO much fun monopolizing our friends Jeff and Diana. Molly was LOVING the warm water (it felt like sitting in the bathtub) and we saw a crab as big as a dinner plate--and collected TOOO many shells. That are still sitting on my microwave in a bucket, unwashed. Haha. 

A lot of my piano students want to take through the summer (what?!?!) so we're plugging along with that and trying to soak in every single minute of sunshine. That is something I will never tire of. Oh sunshine, you are the greatest thing ever.


Kyra Moon said...

Good riddance to that place! Man! It seems like it's been awful since the minute you walked in.
You and your kids are so cute! Can't believe how big they're all getting!

Kami said...

I love your hair! And I'm so glad your moving. And I'm am counting down the Sundays too!