Monday, May 16, 2016

My Ruthie-Girl

This girl. I just keep looking at her lately and think. 'Goodness! She is a KID! When did that happen?!?! I thought I had three babies. Then three toddlers. And now....suddenly one of them became a kid?!?!' Definitely not allowed. Not one teensiest little bit. But oh, goodness, how I love that little girl. She is the greatest!

We'll just skip over the part where she's doing normal four-yr-old things like being sassy, ornery, and sometimes not including her brother in her play. We've all been there. But in all reality, she is usually SO quick to jump up and help, loves to please, and plays so great with Molly and Will. She knows everyone else's favorite colors when she is coloring you a picture. We have a STACK of papers for "going to Grandma's house on July 1st." She is one amazing translator when Will and I are getting very frustrated with each other. Love her.

On Sunday she had some GORGEOUS curls that I couldn't help but take 5,000 photos of. (She also has a strawberry shortcake dress that is slightly lacking in the staying-up department, haha.)

I love this picture because of Molly. Her pigtails falling out, her hands enthusiastically doing the actions to the song, and her clothes falling off her body cause she is just too tiny. That is pretty much Molly in a nutshell. 

Her freckles!! 
She is VERY specific when she starts in on family traits. "Dad and Will and Molly have dark brown eyes. I have greeny-browny eyes like mommy." Truth.
Ruthie loves a healthy competition. If I say "who can put on pajamas first?" her attention is caught and she is on a mission! She is also very correct. When she has been taught something, you better believe she will not let you get away with doing it either! That little lady is keeping me in line, haha. She's very good at listening to directions, which is lifesaving when I say--you can walk to the white line but then wait for me! When she grows up she wants to be Snow White and take care of all the other princesses (that is what she keeps telling me!). 

Profile. Because those little cheeks make my heart happy that she isn't all grown up yet. 

The kids have been super into dress-up lately. I love it. Dress-up is the epitome of childhood and it makes my mama heart happy to see them playing make believe together. The other day they had this whole story line of Little Red Riding Hood and hiding and escaping going on and it was so much fun to listen to them.

Ruth and Will played together in the pool for over two hours today. Again, it's so much fun to hear them PLAY. "RUPE! Watch this! Remember how we can do that?" "Okay Will. Now we need to make plans." All while I just lay on the chair and soak in the Miami sunshine. If I hadn't dealt with a locksmith, Molly peeing while running down the hallway, not having a house key, and house hunting would have been perfection. Luckily, we live in Miami and that means Taco Rico has $1 Monday night family tacos. It was the perfect cure to a pretty crazy start to our week. Wish us luck with moving!


Kayli said...

Definitely beautiful curls!!

Kami said...

Can't wait till you come to my house to play dress-up!!! So excited!!!

Megan and Jared said...

I didn't know you were moving, good luck! I'm glad you won't have to deal with your lousy landlord anymore!