Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The pool is still a little chilly. Which is CRAZY because last year we were swimming in February. But it has been nice to have cooler weather longer. Ruth and Will though?!?! They are animals and jump in like crazies even in the freezing cold! Today I braved it and jumped in with them several times--mostly because we went running beforehand and I was HOT. haha. I love that it's pool time again--just for the sake of the pool. My kids love it, it occupies them for hours, and who doesn't love fun in the sun?

They are SOOOOO cute!!!

I love how they pop out of the water looking like drowned rats. HAHA. 

My favorite.

This little lady is becoming SUCH a GREAT swimmer!!! She can jump in the deep end now, tread water for a second, and then head back to the wall--all on her own! 

He always jumps in like this--completely straight-legged--and I think it is so hilarious!!

The water is still too cold for Miss Molly, but she splashes around on the stairs and enjoys herself just the same. :)

He's not drowning, he just jumped in, but I thought the water looked really cool in this picture. :)

These pictures are off my phone from this morning. I decided against going to the gym to run because I thought it sounded like too much work to get all the kids in the van--and we wanted to come back to go swimming. So I just went for a run. Which consists of me pushing the double stroller and Ruthie riding her bike beside me. She was super anti going fast at the beginning, but then I got tired and she realized she could go faster than me, and she was loving life. Then she really did get tired and wanted to sit in the stroller. And Will wanted to get out of the stroller. I told him he could only get out of the stroller if he rode the bike. We've been trying to coax him to learn to pedal for a year now--I mean, there's been a couple times we've actually tried to teach him---but mostly he just cruises around on his balance bike because he can go so fast. He said he wanted to ride the bike, I said ok, and he hopped on and started riding Ruth's bike (which is WAAAAY bigger than his pedal bike). It was awesome!!! He still has to get a 'push' every time he stops because he can't start his own momentum, and he still struggles a little bit with steering while pedaling, but for only one morning, it was AWESOME!

This is how I exercise. Make my kids do a bunch of work while I walk far behind them...HAAHAAAHAA.
A nice guy stopped us at the park--he was driving by SLOWLY and waved at me. He said "I just want to let you know what a blessed sight you are. Your little girl and that stroller, and you working with him on the bike. It just makes us happy to see." then he and his wife drove off. It was really, really nice. Especially since I have gotten SO used to comments in Miami that pertain to how I have enough children already, and maybe I shouldn't have that many, etc. So thank you, nice man. I really appreciate your love!

He was so excited that he could ride her bike that he had to ride it to the pool and back. Ruth is  not so patiently waiting for us in the distance. :)
Today, Florida, are the days where you really win.

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Bridget Cunningham said...

I love Ruth's little nose pinch! It is so darling! Also you've bee running?!