Thursday, July 21, 2016

Swimming/Hiking with the Ball Clan!

I can't believe we've been in Utah for three weeks now! It has FLOWN by and we have packed SOOOO much fun in! 

We flew in late one night and Grandma Cindy was phenomenal and not only picked us up, but came in and helped me get all my kids and gear in from the luggage pick-up. Then we spent the rest of the weekend with the Ball Clan. We spent one day swimming at Bridget's pool and it was SUCH a blast.

I love her goggles and plugging her nose!

Molly was fearless. Which was terrible. In Miami I put their floaties on at the house to walk to the pool, or at the van to walk to the ocean--they wear them the entire time. Here, I was right there beside them so I didn't immediately put them on. Which meant Molly and Will both took a dive without floaties! Luckily, we were right there and watching, and Ruthie was AWESOME to get our attention with Will, but it was not the best feeling.

This one makes me laugh SOOOO hard, because she just falls straight forward and hits full-on belly flop.
Their pool is SOO beautiful!

Everyone was such a good sport playing with my kids! Especially Ethan, I was so impressed that he put up with so much!
Ethan, Jenny, Bridget, Ruthie. Cuties!

Afterward they had a blast jumping on the tramp. Molly's hair was killing me--haahaa!

I can't remember if this was the day before or the day after, but we headed up to Little Cottonwood Canyon and hiked around Silver Lake. I have never done that hike and it was SOOOO gorgeous and breath-taking! It was literally a FEAST to my soul to not only see the mountains (I might've cried when I first saw them when we got to Utah) but to be RIGHT in the mountains! I could stay forever. 

I still can't get over how beautiful it was. I got here early enough to catch some Utah green before everything turned brown. It was HEAVEN.

Grandma Cindy and Jenny

Ahhhhh I need to go back again.
HUGE shout out to Uncle Cade, who was AMAZING with the kids and basically helped them fish all afternoon and didn't get any fishing accomplished himself. He was SO patient and wonderful with them! They are a tricky age because they want to do so much but they are still so little and can't---he really let them think they were doing it all and it was the BEST! Thanks for making it magical!
Love that boy!
He carried that blue camp chair almost the entire way haha (I think he was worried if he didn't carry it, he wouldn't be able to sit on it). He is obsessed with blue, and he was so excited to set it up when we got there!

Ethan caught a fish right off!
Poor girl tried to go head first down the lake bank.
Boyhood perfection.
It's been super fun to see this cute sis-in-law be a mama, and of twins! She is so patient and so willing to work hard for her boys. And they are the CUTEST!
Is that not the most BEAUTIFUL fishing spot ever?
Best ever.
Aunt Jenny was also SuPER helpful with my kids and willing to jump in and help. They love her!
They were not very happy I wanted to take their pic, haha.

Cutest mama.
She was LOVING it.
Grandma Cindy packed a watermelon all the way, haha. Everyone LOVED it.
Sister. Watermelon. Everything wonderful.
I LOVE this one for Cindy's laugh.
Five of the seven grandkids.
This. My crazy kids and me in the mountains. The only thing that makes it better is daddy. But we will definitely take it.
We had SUCH a wonderful weekend. Swimming and hiking--can't get any better than that!

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