Saturday, July 1, 2017

Russell John-2 weeks-phone pics

She's so cute with the baby! At first she seemed a little hungry for attention when we brought him home, but now she is big sister extraordinaire and loves to help him and hold him! 

He purses his lips a lot when the kids make a loud noise or something startles him. Poor guy, but I think it's adorable.


Sterling went to church with the two oldest and I stayed home with my babies and they both napped beside me and it felt SOOOOO cozy and wonderful.


I like the color one just because of the difference in their hair. Ruth really is the CUTEST with him. She wants to help with him SOOOOO bad but its hard because he is so tiny and she is pretty young. Now that I feel really good, I've been trying to let her help a lot more---but I get a little jealous! I want him all for myself, haha! My biggest concern is the fact that our floor is tile everywhere, so she can only hold him in one place when I hand him to her. But she's getting pretty good and I've drilled being careful into her for three weeks now, that I might let her pick him up from his swing on her own soon (she's dying to be able to do that so that when he cries she can get him and sit down with him). The other day she was holding him and he was crying off and on but I told her I'd just be a few more minutes (I think I was helping Molly, who I decided to potty train...potty training, ugh.) and when I eventually came out she had him all wrapped up on her lap with the soother in his mouth and he was totally conked out. It was the sweetest thing. But I think even sweeter is how proud she is of making the baby happy. All the kids are so concerned about him and SOOOO helpful in making him happy and grabbing his clothes/diaper/wipes/etc. that I might need for him. They run right to the bathroom to wash hands so they can pat his head. It's just the sweetest ever. 

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