Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kiddie Pool + Potty Training

It's too hot to go to the pool lately with Russ, since we can't get in. So as much as the kids want to swim every day, we've been trying to go on early morning walks instead(which are still much too hot) and finding other ways to occupy ourselves. Mostly with coloring. But yesterday I pulled out this little $3 pool that has been sitting around since I bought it on clearance at the end of summer last year. I filled it up with a couple of bucket-fulls of water and the kids played and played and played! I fed Russ and laid him down and then went outside with the kids, and I could hear him if he fussed. It's AMAZING to live somewhere that my kids can run around a bit without me having to be RIGHT BESIDE them for fear of parking lots and Miami drivers. To put it mildly, I am loving it here.

Cutie pie Russ in his swing we finally bought batteries for and he loves.


I decided to start potty training Molly a few days ago. She has been ready for quite a while but first I didn't want to because I didn't want to deal with it when I drove Ruth 40 minutes to school. Then we moved. Then we had a baby. All of which I wanted to wait until after (hoping to avoid regression). But I want to potty train her so we don't have two in diapers and so she's solid when school starts up again. Right now seemed perfect--we have no where to go or be at specific times and with a newborn we are mostly home. 

The first day I hadn't really planned on it, I just kind of thought I should pull out her undies when she told me "I'm going pee." and I was like---you should be on the potty then! Very impromptu. I didn't even pull out our kid potty, and still haven't. She's just been fine on the regular toilet, which is great, since I've had another child who was a little scared of it. The first day she was about 50%. Which is pretty great since I was not very good at reminding her. The next day was about the same. And then on Sunday she only had one accident and since then...none! Not even yesterday for the 4th when we had her up THREE HOURS past her bedtime. YAY MOLLY! Thanks for being SUPER easy and a great reminder to me of why I wait until they are three (or in her case, almost three). I'd much rather do six more months of diapers and be completely finished in three days than spend two-three months having accidents and going back and forth. Now if we could just get her to sleep through the night...

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Anonymous said...

You brave woman!! I plan on potty training Jubal after the kids start back to school. Russ is so cute!