Saturday, July 1, 2017

Russell John-3 weeks

It's been a good three weeks. We've taken it easy, we have nothing to go to here in Delray yet, and nowhere to be, so no rush. No wild scamper to get out the door. It feels oh so good to not be driving Ruth to school 40 minutes every morning. It is just so nice to be home. I'm not going to lie I'm starting to get a *little* antsy for the six weeks to be up so I can swim with the kids again and for this little guy to get a bit bigger so we can enjoy some beach days before the summer is over. But I'd have to say I'm pretty content. Delray, you traffic-less, wonderful place that has a walmart within minutes of our disposal--I really, really like you. And we've taken advantage of the free summer movies at Cinemark (if you haven't seen Sing!, you should go now. Best animated movie I have seen in a LONG time) and the library reading programs and prizes as well as their touch screen games (primarily Paint and Dora) and their Thursday afternoon community programs--so far animal encounters and a theater show. Next up is the free bowling...I'm just trying to convince myself I can do that with four kids first. Sterling is still studying like CRAZY for Step 1. Tomorrow is the one month countdown and so he is get pretty stressed out. Don't blame the guy, you have to pass to start rotations. But life is good!

Baby Russ is an angel. He does like to eat every two hours pretty consistently. Actually, he'd like to eat ALWAYS but we're trying to spread that out a little haha. At nights he does 2-3 hours so it's only a rough night when Molly also gets up more than once (night before last she got up three times and Will randomly wet the bed for the first time since moving here...that was a long night and a rough morning). He eats and sleeps and hardly ever fusses. Everyone holds him and kisses him and loves on him constantly--and actually are really, really good at washing hands first. We'll keep crossing our fingers over here that we have no sicknesses! 

I've taken a lot of picture on my phone that I need to upload, but here's a bunch from a little photo session on my camera. Our apartment has TERRIBLE lighting. But these turned out decent.
That hair is even softer than it looks. It's like touching a cloud. That's why everyone is constantly touching him, you just can't help yourself!

Those eyes are open a lot more lately!

I've put some three month outfits on him out of laundry desperation, but he's still solidly in newborn. 

Poor guy, I get a huge kick out of his rumpled eyebrows and quivering chin. It's just SOOOOO adorable!!!

He looks a lot like Ruth to me here. My sis-in-law says he's exactly like Will. I definitely see the similarities, but I think it's the nose. His nose his just like Ruth's, so they look similar to me.

His hair is a lot more black than this. I think my camera faded it out weird because of the lighting.

This also reminds me of Ruth.

This is a more natural coloring and hair color.

And yes, that was about forty pictures that, according to my dad, essentially all looked the same. But every single one is just SOOOOO ADORABLE. I can't delete any of them. Luckily, I edited them down from the 187 I originally took. You're welcome :)

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