Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Boxing Day

We partied with my family the day after Christmas--and it was a blast! There were games, sledding, more games, food, more food (we even did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of hoagies that I had missed and the juice that dad always makes and I was SO happy!) and even more games.  Sledding was a big highlight though, and pretty much the only thing I brought my camera out for. We had such a blast!

Kiersten, Devaney, Megan
Danica, Myles, Anders, Cowen, Lynnaea

Sterling and Megan were AMAZING and hauled Devaney and Ruthie up a million times. Although Sterling is pulling Ruthie and Will in this pic.

Everyone on ONE train!!!!
Mom, Anders, Cowen, Myles, Danica, Lynnaea, Miriam, Kiersten, Devaney, Ruthie, Megan
And down the hill they go...

These girls had SUCH a great time!

Mom and Lynnaea
Hottie Danica
Cutest bundle of baby.
Handsomest man ever. 
Look at those grins!
Ruthie, Devaney, Lynnaea

Love this. Teamwork.
Kiersten, Mom, Will (see him in there?), Lynnaea

Of course, you can't have a Rasmussen Christmas party without Rook.
Jared, Dad, Megan, Mom
Kami joined this game via Skype. She was a bit homesick.
Lynnaea, Danica, Andrea, Tim

Yay for such a great party and such a great break! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics. It was a great party!!
Everyone having fun!! Love you. Mom