Monday, January 27, 2014

Haircuts and January

Somehow I only got a 'before' picture for Ruthie. Her hair was starting to get really scraggly again, and I told Sterling that if he wants it long then it has to be good, even hair before it grows. 
Before. Look how it falls into his eyebrows and over his ears! Oh my little baby hair!
 So, all that hair made me think he needed a trim. I mean, he is turning one. Maybe we should let him get a bit bigger. BUT, GAHHHH! Look how big he looks! I can't even handle it. 

 And now, for random other pictures from January. 
Apparently the blanket I made her doll for Christmas is also a stellar cape. Duly noted.
Yes, all the couch cushions are off the couch in the background…glad you noticed. BUT LOOK AT THAT CRAZY GRIN!
He is pretty much the most handsome boy that ever was.
 In January Will's asthma acted up and we were back on three nebulizer treatments a day as well as an oral med. Then he got sick on top of that. And on top of that, he's been trying to get molars for the past three weeks. Here's some pictures of me cuddling my sweet, sick boy after missing him all day at work.

Ruth likes to line up all her animals and dolls in rows. On the couch. On the stairs. On her bed. 

He loves to spit.
I know, I know, the light is glaring in horribly from the window. But CUTEST. SMILE. EVER!
Look at those brown eyes. Oh my little man, how I love you.
 This is after Ruthie got her hair cut, although you can't tell. She was eating animal crackers and dipping them in nutella, so that is what's all over her teeth.

Cutie haircut.
Or rather, she was licking nutella off of her animal cracker, and never eating the cracker.
 These are Will post-haircut.

Handsomest boy ever. I just LOVE that double chin. 

 And this is how my kids take their snacks. On the floor. (Sometimes.)

And that's all you've been missing the last couple of weeks. Tata.

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Aleesha Burke said...

Will and Liam have matching jammies!! Cute kids. I want to cut Lydia's hair but still can't decide!