Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Eve

 We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Sterling's family. It was the first time they had all been together in (4 years????) quite some time, so it was really fun to see everyone. We played the Christmas bells and I really love that tradition--we'll have to get a set for our own family someday!
Dan, Sterling, Marlowe 
Everyone except Brandon wasn't there yet.

Everyone gets one or two chimes to hold and then hit with the back of a butter knife when the music comes to them. It actually sounds pretty awesome. I'll have to post some videos that I took sometime.

Cade, Bridget, Ethan
Also on Christmas Eve they open sibling gifts. We were spoiled rotten by Bridget and Cade. Ruthie got a handmade doll with her own name embroidered on the back (Bridget did it all herself!!!), Will got some awesome soft cars, and Sterling and I got cutting boards and knifes and kitchen towels. Bridget was not impressed when that's what I asked for--but we really needed them and I am so in love with her choices! I have already used them all the time!
Ruthie and her doll. So sweet. Also, in the background you can see a quilt on Bridget's lap. We got one too, from Cindy, it tells the story of the Little Engine that Could. Cutest thing ever.


We went and took some family photos of everyone together, ate dinner, played games, then opened Christmas pajamas so we could put the kids to bed!

Pictures were impossible. Really. I think Ruth was done from the family pictures earlier--which she actually did really well for.

 That ended up being a really late, but really fun night. Sterling had to feed his mice at night and in the morning, so I made him go really early so we could get up when the kids usually get up at 6:30am. He was the man and only got back about five minutes after we were all awake. Oh yeah, after pictures Sterling and I took the kids sledding for a bit. Ruthie liked it, but refused to keep her mittens on, so it didn't last long. It did get us out of the house and let us enjoy some sunshine so that was fun. Sterling made me hot chocolate afterwards and it was a moment of Christmas Eve perfection. 

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