Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Christmas Activities--yes, in the middle of January

For some odd reason these pictures loaded out of order. I don't feel like changing them. The weekend before Christmas, while Sterling was working, I met up with his fam and we went to see the Layton lights. Primarily because his Uncle Jim (his dad's first cousin) is Santa Claus there every year and we wanted to say hi. The lights were cute, Santa was so fun, and I thought the best part was that we got to ride on a trailer pulled by a little tractor--our very own hay ride! The kids had a great time, for the most part, and we sang LOUDLY and SPIRITEDLY (thanks to Jenny) and had a wonderful time too!
I really liked these little dragonflies, they looked like they were flying because their wings would flap.
This dragon, obviously, very cool. 
It was the first time I'd used my camera in this type of setting, so I had a hard time trying to figure out what settings to use. But even if this is blurry, I think it looks magical.
Ruthie and Uncle Jim aka Santa
Jenny, Ruthie, Santa, Ethan

Will was pretty unsure about the whole thing.
Uncle Jim specifically wanted a picture with Cindy. So sweet.
I LOVE this picture!
Grandma Cindy and marshmellow Will.
A nice man took a picture of ALL of us!

 We had a great time and it was a fun activity to put us in the Christmas spirit. Now…I'd move on to January but I really haven't taken any pictures. And nothing exciting has happened. Sterling is home more, but he's picked up extra shifts and so have I, so that's disappointing. Our washing machine broke, which is super annoying--we determined it would be about the same to get a cheap one off ksl as it would be to just go to a laundromat for the next five months, since we didn't plan on moving our washing machine with us. So we're still trying to decide which we want to do. The kids are happy. Will's asthma has been really bad which means we've been to the dr, had a lot more nebulizer treatments, and I generally spend a portion of my day just listening to his breathing. And…thats about all for January. I am ready for spring. Sigh.

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