Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photo Dump

Here's an update:
Ruth has been potty training for two days now and has had zero accidents. The first day I set the timer on the oven and every. single. time. she'd say "My food done mom! Go get it!" then I'd tell her it was for her potty training and she'd say "Oh, my potty training. It's for me." Let me tell ya, potty training is going a lot smoother the second time around. I think it's more about the mom being ready than the child, haha. I tried in November, but then there was a wedding, festivities and visitors at our house, thanksgiving, and I started putting her in pull-ups so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Which led to…not potty training. Then I started thinking about Christmas coming up, so I gave up. Then I got sick. Now we're finally coming back to it. She's much more verbal about it now and I'll just say a quick thanks to Easter candy being in the stores already. She says "I want an egg. I go potty." Goes potty. Gets an egg. It's all pretty easy. Yay for robins eggs!

I was going to wean Will, and we have been putting a lot less milk in his bottle and trying to just do water when we lay him down for naps. But I decided weaning and potty training probably didn't need to happen all in the same week, so we'll hold off for a bit. He is also teething. Right now mostly just his bottom left canine but I think the rest aren't far behind. Then he will be done until his two yr old molars. Which will probably come in just a couple of months with his time-table. Oh well. 

Sterling got a new job! No more commuting to SLC! YAY! I really, really, REALLY hated the 7-on, 7-off schedule. He always picked up extra shifts so he was working every day I wasn't working, but they were shorter shifts, so his 7-off wasn't terrible. But his 7-on? I was not meant to be without my man for that long. I told him this LONG ago when he said he was thinking about joining the army to pay for medical school. And I told him I wouldn't marry him. Yeah. At least I know this about myself, right? The new job is at McKay Dee Hospital, which is within walking distance of our house! This means that hopefully we can sell our car soon (although I picked up sub jobs in Tremonton for an extra month and Morgan for the next three months so we'll probably need the car for a bit more) but MOSTLY it means that we have no commute. When he gets off, practically right away he will be home! Oh the joy.

Sterling could not be more excited. He's sick of a desk job. We seem to be narrowing down what he wants to do in the medical field by realizing what he DOESN'T want to do. After all his research, he now knows that's not the place for him. And after this desk job-he's all about seeing his patients. So he will be a CNA in the cardiovascular floor at McKay Dee. He's never worked at a hospital in direct patient care, so hopefully we can whittle down a few more occupations, haha!

I…am feeling better. I still feel like gagging every time I bend over, I can't eat more than what seems like nothing at a time, and I have to wake up a million times a night. Ruff. But that is pretty normal, manageable, and MUCH happier than the last few weeks so I will take it! 

So without further ado:

 The weather has been nice so we went to Beus Pond the other day when Sterling had an hour or so before he had to head to work. We picked the wrong park. Beus Pond is all shady so there is still quite a bit of snow there. But it was still fun to be out and Ruth loved the ducks.
Sterling tried to see how much he could be like these ducks…and almost landed in two feet of water. Silly man. He caught himself on a railing first.
I love this picture. SOOOO much.

Raised eyebrows. Why exactly are you sitting me in a tree dad? Haha.

 I asked Sterling if he'd take a picture of me and the kids before I went to work on my birthday. Mark turning 25. This is how that went:

 Yeah. Maybe we'll try that photo shoot again. Haha.

 And a few more photos. Sterling's fam had a gathering for all the February birthdays. There are quite a few. There was a piñata, food, family, games, as well as cake and ice cream. Pretty legit party right there.

He kept hanging that drill over his shoulder. I thought it was the cutest thing ever.
Spoils from the piñata.
The twins: Jaxen and Kayleb, Jaxon, Jojo, and Will. Happy birthday! 

Will got a Scully toy. He likes it.
Grandma Cindy didn't want Ruthie to feel left out, so she got her a present to open-coloring book and crayons that DON'T have paper around them you can tear off. Perfect.
The only reason I put this picture in is because you can see my belly. Obviously I am poking it out because I am holding Will on my hip, but there you have it. 15 weeks or something like that.
 I realize this post is ridiculously long. But I am waiting for my husband to get home from work. So. We went for a gorgeous walk around McKay Dee today. They just put down new gravel for their walking trail. Which is annoying with a stroller, but we did ok. We played outside for a LONG time afterwards. But neither of the kids were that interested in pictures.

Eating apples.
And no, we have no idea if the baby will be a girl. But you kind of have to pick a gender for stick figures. I picked girl.
Yay for 60 degree weather! It was such a gorgeous day! I soaked and soaked and soaked in that sunlight. I know it is Utah and it will snow again before summer hits. But oh, what a glorious day to enjoy the sunshine it was.

Oh and on a funny note that goes with the beautiful sunshine we've been having. Ruth has had the experience of the sun being in her eyes quite a bit lately while driving in the car. She says "Turn it off! I don't like it! Turn it off!" I think it's hilarious that she thinks you can just 'turn it off.'

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