Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will's Party

I promise I didn't just stick a candle on top of a waffle while Sterling was at work and call it good for Will's birthday. The following Tuesday, when Sterling had a few hours we had a proper party. Complete with an ice-cream cake (pregnant mama's preference, and hey, Will happens to REALLY like ice cream), candles, and presents. Again, Will was not too sure about the candle, haha.

Diggin' in.
MmMm mom, this is yum-my.
Happy birthday boy, right there.
Ruth had a pretty great time too. Her favorite food is pizza, which happened to be on the menu. She kept saying her cake was hot, I guess hot and cold is a bit confusing haha.
At first he was a bit confused and didn't want to open a present.
Getting the hang of things.
And we hit the mark right on. Big grin right as he saw the first train.

Ruth got a little impatient that he was focused on the trains and didn't keep opening the present.
As soon as I pulled them out of the package he had that train chugging along. I love boys. 
Surveying the loot.
Trying out the first track.
This is about how every track gets demolished in our house. Ruth gets a bit frustrated about it.
Ruthie really enjoys Will's present too.
Trains, trains, and trains. Will loves them. Literally. Almost as much as the .99 shovel we got from Ikea yesterday and he slept with last night…haha. I just really love boys. I love watching him push his cars and trains around on the floor with a happy smile on his face. I love when he pulls apart the track, all the while chuckling under his breath. I love watching him smack at balls and hit with sticks. It's just so much fun to see the BOY personality come out of that little guy. I can't believe he's one already. It makes me want to go pull him out of bed like the book I'll Love You Forever and snuggle with him extra long while he's sleeping. Happy birthday little man!