Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Point

 Sterling's mom gave him a coupon book for his birthday. Clear back in September. We've been slackers and totally haven't used it. Until we had a FREE day. Did ya hear that? AN ENTIRE DAY that Sterling or I wasn't working. It was a modern-day miracle. We decided to live it up, of course. I wanted to do the Midway Ice Castles, but it would be later and cold by the time we got there. Plus, Sterling remembered the coupon book and we got an excellent deal on Thanksgiving Point. We paid ten bucks for the entire family. Score! Ruth LOVED it, but I think Sterling loved it even more, haha! (I had a super cute picture of Sterling and Will and for some reason it keeps flipping sideways. Maybe later.)

She smiled, but couldn't stop looking at the fun erosion.

Sterling smiling and happily building a dam. Yup, he loved the museum.

Sweetest picture of all time. 
In the meantime, Will squished some sand in-between his fists and then spent the majority of his time trying to get sand off the ground and into his mouth. Good times had by all.

I do have to say, I was a little surprised by Ruth. She is fearless. Or so I thought. They have lots of 'noises' in every room…bird calls, waterfalls, dinosaur roars. Yeah, the roaring is about where Ruth drew the line. I told her she could go crawl through a tunnel and she went scampering off. Stopped mid-stride. Backed up. Then came running back to me to say it was too scary. I almost laughed out loud! Too cute. She warmed up a bit, although she did stick close to our sides, which was kind of nice. She was also not too sure about the star room. You can't really see your feet or where you are walking, but there are stars all around and underneath of you. It is kind of dizzying and makes you feel like the world is spinning. We stayed in there quite a while trying to get her to warm up to it, no luck.

Sterling's favorite past time. He needs to go without kids sometime so he can read all the plaques.
That is one ginormous fish! Took up two full walls.

Ruthie was NOT a fan of this shark either.

Ruthie trying to get away.
Has man evolved? HAHA. 
I don't know why but I really liked the guys with the spears.  
Nothing like filling your boots up with sand to end the day!

Afterwards we went to Ikea for dinner, and of course, a browse through the children's department. We ended up bringing home new plastic plates, cups, and bowls. And some mighty shovels. All for under $12, which is really good considering it is Ikea and I wanted to buy everything. Sterling is a sucker for little girls. He wanted to buy a canopy to put over Ruth's bed. Sometimes I'm glad we have no money…our kids would be SPOILED. Oh wait, they already are. Haha. 

All in all it was a wonderful day, I was absolutely exhausted (my recent pregnancy schedule goes about like this: work one day, spend the rest of the week recharging while trying to watch my children, then a day at work again…it involves a lot of time on the couch trying to color and do puzzles without getting off the couch) but it was worth it. 

As far as pregnancy goes…I just saw a picture of myself at 24 weeks with Will. I show that much already at 13 weeks. No joke. This third baby wants to be known. I have been feeling a little bit better. Better enough to only take half a zofran in the morning and none in the afternoon. Which is why half of a pill was sitting on the microwave and I had to call poison control this morning. How does she scale to the heights that she does? Don't worry, yet another set of things are in lockdown and child locked. Oh that girl. I'm still tired. But Sterling thinks I have a bit more energy. I think he's at the point where he's REALLY looking for the positive. I'm hopeful that since I've been feeling better that I might actually be sick for only the first trimester. Didn't happen with Ruth, but one can hope, right? 

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Loved the shark pictures!! And the one of Sterling holding Will up.