Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Little Man is ONE!

Wait, wait, wait. When did he get big enough to turn one? I don't think this should be allowed. 
Sterling worked today so we are celebrating on Tuesday, when his seven-on ends. We did sing him happy birthday as a family in bed this morning. He loved it. Grinned the entire time. Then I decided I'd stick a candle in his waffle at dinner time and sing it again. He wasn't too impressed with that candle. Or the strawberries and chocolate sauce. He's a syrup man through-and-through. 

For some reason he had the giggles during dinner and it was hilarious! Ruth would just look at him and he would start laughing. 

 Some things I love about this one year old:
He's such a happy little guy. He spends all day happily following Ruth and I around and playing on the floor beside us. Ruth can do practically anything to him and he just laughs. Although, lately he is QUITE the screecher. Case in point, he really likes playing with the broom but he barely fits into the space between the fridge and wall where we keep the broom, so he goes in to get the broom and then can't get out so he screeches unremittingly until we come pull him out! 

I love how cuddly he is. He hugs and kisses and lays his head on my shoulder and snuggles in when he's drinking a bottle. He falls asleep in my arms still--sometimes--which is amazing to me! I just love his snuggly little soft self.

He's a momma's boy sort of a boy. It's the best sort of boy to be. Melts my heart every time. I hope that lasts forever and ever.

 I love his little legs when he's walking around furniture in a onesie. He's still not walking (Ruth walked a couple weeks after her first birthday, and though I think he could do it I don't think he's in a rush.) and  his legs haven't slimmed out yet to look more toddler-ish. I love those roley poley thighs that taper down to tiny little baby feet. Best thing ever.

 Look at these pictures! I love everything about those crinkly eyes, and those little dimply fingers that make round little fists, those soft cheeks and his scrunched up nose.

 He's a big explorer these days and I love watching him learn. He can go up and down stairs (maybe this is out of necessity, but it is SO NICE that he learned how to go DOWN so quickly after learning how to go UP) and so he'll head upstairs, I'll hear Ruth's princess castle make songs and music, and then after a few minutes he'll slide back down the stairs to check on me. So sweet. He also pulls out everything from my lower kitchen drawers on a daily basis, as well as all of his and Ruth's clothes in their bedroom, all the kids books off our shelves, etc. Luckily he's still not destructive, so it's still a simple matter of putting everything back. 

He loves my phone. I can't decide if he personally loves it, or if he just wants to be like Ruth. But he'll put pretty much anything up to his ear (or way behind his ear, wherever it happens to end up haha) and chat and grin, then he'll hold it up to my ear and grin while I chat. It's some good times.

 Will loves patty-cake and any song with actions. That is how we get him to keep his mask on for his nebulizer treatments--we sing the ENTIRE time. It's fun to see how much he loves it though. He also LOVES playing the piano, which warms my heart a wee bit…okay a lot. Ruth will get on and off the piano pretty much as a passing fancy, but he will sit and play and play, or walk from the high notes to the low notes for a LONG time and really enjoy it. I love watching him, he is just fascinated with the music.

Those eyes.
 I love his big brown eyes. SOOOOO much. I just love, love, love them. Sigh.

 And this is the collage I made...

Oh my little man, your daddy is right, you have my heart. Can we start from a year ago and have all your adorable baby stages all over again? I love watching you grow but can you just stay small for a bit longer…like, forever?


Andrea said...

Lindsay, those pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!!! he is adorable. 1 - already!!!
Love him lots!! Love, Mom