Friday, February 28, 2014

Tub Time

My kids have always been a big fan of bath time. Ruth used to be an absolute CRAZY in the tub---just ask my sister Megan, she can attest. Will, as per his usual, has always enjoyed it but was much more reserved in his approach. Lately though, he has thrown caution to the wind and he is a daredevil! I have to stay right beside him now just in case he decides to head dive into the water or something.
My beautiful Ruth. 

This next one. Best photo ever. Dread Pirate Will. That face. Those scrunched-up eyes. That crooked grimace-grin. That perfect goatee! I just can't get over it. I need to frame it immediately.

His favorite past-time…emptying the tub. He thinks he is SO hilarious.
That is a laugh-face, not a scream. I promise. 

He's trying to be brave and splash as much as his sister, and he laughs afterwards, but he's not quite sure about it in the meantime. Haha. 

Oh I love these kids of mine.

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