Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Zoo Miami

We headed back to the zoo--this time to enjoy the awesome splash pad! 
When we got there a little boy had a cup he was playing in the water with, so my kids thought they needed something to. Since we died of heat on the walk from the parking lot to the splash pad, Sterling and I drained some water bottles and they played with those!
Will walked in and then the sprinklers turned on and he just stood there for awhile trying to breathe--it was hilarious! 

He always thinks he so big. He liked this because all the big kids were over there. 
Sometimes its crazy that we have all those palm trees in a normal background of a normal picture. 
He wouldn't look at me, but Will LOVED this surf board!

We had met up with some friends at the splash pad and since their little guy wanted to see some giraffes, and we haven't yet, we decided we'd cooled down enough for the moment and headed out!
I know this is through glass, but their hands and feet are so human looking!
Cute gorilla. 

I can't remember what these were (the above and below pic are the same kind of animal). But they were AWESOME. Basically a HUGE antelope!

Gerenuks. These things are CRAZY petite and tiny. They also stand on their hind legs to get to leaves to eat. Pretty awesome.

These are some kind of zebra--but not the normal kind.
Gah! I can't remember what these are called but they are so WEIRD! 
A normal kind of zebra. 
So many giraffes! Ruth was in HEAVEN! We're going to go back sometime and let her feed them--but you have to pay and we didn't want to stand in line. 
HAAHAAA---So long and skinny!

African Elephant

There was a BABY rhino! So adorable!

We passed the second, smaller splash pad on our way out and stopped again. It was SO HOT and Will was sleeping and I was tired, so I sat and chatted with my friend McKenzi while Sterling bought me an ice cold drink(we had a coupon from opening our membership) and Ruthie played and played. All in all, a great way to end an awesome morning at the zoo!


Kami said...

Those were great pictures of the animals. It looks like a cool zoo. And your kids are cute.

Anonymous said...

The animal with the head like a giraffe an the legs like a zebra is called an Okapi. they had the in oklahoma and now wyatt wants to have some on our farm. :)

Andrea said...

Chimps are freaky, gorillas are awesome.