Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunday Evenings

A few weeks ago we tried having a Sunday game night...and realized we were sadly lacking in the toddler game department. So we picked up a couple of little games when we saw them on sale and tried again!
I was kind of sad this was a smaller version of the one I grew up playing, less shapes on it, but Ruth LOVED it and played it over and over so I'll call it a win.
He enjoyed the popcorn end of game night.
I'm so glad I got this on camera--he signs 'please'!!! I've been pulling my hair out lately trying to get him to communicate because his shrieking is killing me. Sterling was feeding them and came to ask me when Will had started signing please--I said he hadn't and I'd basically given up on teaching him because it had been forever and he wasn't picking it up. To which Sterling said Will had just signed please when asked. What?!?!?! He still shrieks, but at least he says please!

We also had peaches and cream with our games. It was almost like being at my parents for a Sunday afternoon. Almost. 

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Your kids are so tan!!!!