Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Pool Morning

The other family that lives in our complex, the Irving's, are back from their summer trip to Utah and Ben and Beth just got back from their trip to Utah--so we all played at the pool and it was such a beautiful morning!
Liam is six months younger than Ruth and we are so excited to have friends our age!!!!
Liam let us borrow his other floaty--we are DEFINITELY investing in one. Ruth already can float around on her own now without any help and if she has a brave moment, she can jump in by herself too! 

This is Will's favorite spot. Chillaxin'.
Will tends to like filling up and dumping out buckets and scooping with shovels more than being in the pool. We'll see how this evolves, but for now it makes watching him a little easier and I'll take it! 

Giving kisses. Sort of.
Rub-a-dub-dub three swimmers in the tub!

See---floating all by herself! She's doing awesome!

It started raining not too long after we left, we've had good timing lately!

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