Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cutest Kids

Love that Ruthie is smiling so sweetly while head-locking Will into place for the picture. He, obviously, was not a big fan.

I seriously have the cutest kids ever. Yesterday at my OB appointment a nice lady gave Ruth TWO suckers because 'she is just so beautiful she deserves two'. Haha. Also, everyone here keeps saying Ruth is tall. Which is weird. She's always around 40-50 percentile for her age and all her friends and cousins in Utah were taller than her, so I don't know where that comment comes from. I can't believe she turns three in a couple of weeks. Why can't you have more babies and keep your other babies little at the same time?!?!

This little dude is SOOO much fun lately. He's starting to communicate a little better- it's not very distinct words, but we can understand what he means with 'uh-oh', when he wants more, when we've correctly guessed what it is he wants, and he still is great at signing 'please'. Have I ever mentioned how great he is at folding his arms? It's the most adorable thing ever and he does it SO great! There's nothing like little round baby arms trying to fold into themselves. He's also hitting toddler stage---we've pulled his arms out of the toilet several times lately, he's broken a floor fan in their bedroom, he just drew all over his legs with a pen, ya know, normal toddler activities. He seems easier than Ruth was though, and I think it is because she is around to keep him occupied. They will play in their room for long stretches of time together and it is so much fun to see!
I just bought quite a few pairs of these basketball shorts. He's definitely going to be like my other nieces and nephews that have to find the 'slim-fit' jeans. All these hand-me-down shorts that I thought would cover us for this summer just fall right off him. I saw these shorts at target for $4 and got four pairs. They are perfect for Miami and the heat and staying up! 

She likes to dress herself. She usually has a combination of shirt+shorts+dress on all at the same time. It's pretty awesome when you're running full speed to take her potty! She can also say the first article of faith all by herself! I printed it off when we finally got our magnet boards put up and we recited it pretty regularly in the mornings. It's so sweet to hear her say it all by herself! Now she sometimes gets a little confused when praying and inserts parts of the article of faith, haha. She is also SUCH a super helper lately. She gets out hers and Will's clothes in the morning, pajamas at night, diapers and swim clothes when needed, then she brings them to me so I can put them on everyone. She puts on her own shoes, straps herself in her carseat, reminds us all to fold our arms at the beginning of a meal, and just generally is such a sweetheart. She still has her toddler/tantrum moments, but I am so lucky she is mine, she makes our day run so much smoother! (She is also a little bit of a tattle-tale. Constantly. "Mom, Will's touching that. Will's eating that. Will's over there." It gets to be a little much sometimes.)

He also is SO GREAT at giving hugs and kisses. Whenever he knows he is in trouble he IMMEDIATELY tries to give you a kiss so he'll get out of it. Haha.

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when we made Cloud Dough off pinterest. Just corn starch and conditioner. Smelled delicious since our conditioner is coconut scented. I loved it. It felt SO soft! I would definitely recommend trying it.

This is Ruth's plane.

That's all from around these parts. It's been raining a TON and when its not the mosquitoes are a big deterrent of going outside. I'm getting excited for the fall months so we can go enjoy the Miami sunshine, haha!


Kayli said...

such cute kids! I love em!

If we moved to Pennsylvania we'd be closest to you, but still SEVENTEEN hours away. We could meet in the middle at some of those really nice Carolina beaches though.

Bridget Cunningham said...

So... all the details about Ruth's current skills just melted my heart. I love that little 3 year old sooo much!