Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Splashing Through No A/C

Doesn't the pool looks so peaceful and still at 9am? I like it that way. Except for the mosquitoes. Everyone keeps saying they're bad right now. I don't love the afternoon heat-but at least it chases away a few of the mosquitoes.

That reminds me. Ruth has a little tizzy every time she sees a mosquito by her, so I've been trying to teach her *not* to freak out, and simply squish the annoying beastly. So now whenever Ruth says "there's a 'skeeto!" Will slaps his hands together in front of his face--it's hilarious!

Ruth will jump into the pool all by herself now! What an accomplishment! Only a few weeks of living in Miami and my non-swimmer-coming-off-nine-months-of-Utah-snow girl is getting the hang of this!
Don't worry, she's not drowning!
Will can float by himself now, but he prefers not to. I don't know if it is because he isn't confident in himself (he still rolls over to his back occasionally) or if he really just enjoys playing outside the water more than in. Either way, he still has a great time at the pool!

Getting ready to jump. 
Jumping--that face kills me! 
Happy she did it herself. 
Warmin' up. (the pool isn't heated, so sometimes when we come first thing in the morning its nice to warm up in the sun before jumping back in)  
Our friends came to play with us! Liam and Ruth had SOOOOO much fun on this floaty (courtesy of a random lady at the swimming pool with her girls) and played so well together! 

McKenzi was a trooper and when her baby was sleeping in the stroller and I was cuddling Will (he was tired, but I didn't want to go home quite yet cause Ruth was having so much fun) and she lifted and threw and played with Ruth and Liam the entire time!
She'd start like this and then push forward and the kids would fall off, and they just thought it was the greatest thing ever!
LOVE how both their mouths are wide open!

Even after baby Luke woke up those two kids played and played on that floaty! I was so impressed at how well they did!

We came home for lunch and naps and it started crazy loud thundering and lightning and we had a great big storm. Perfect timing! The storm even cooled down the apartment a little, so that is nice! Maybe I'll make it through today without getting sausage feet. Oh air conditioning, I miss you so.

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