Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Afternoon-Undergrad Campus

Sterling has been wanting a decal *really* bad for our van. Finally cleaned the van so we could put it on!

Three carseats! Way too many!
On Sunday we went on a walk around the lake at the undergrad campus. Sterling's medical school campus is basically a couple of high rise buildings in the middle of downtown Miami with some high rise hospitals around it--a lot of them, actually. The undergrad campus is much closer to our house so Sterling will sometimes go there in the evening to study at that library. It also has a much more beautiful campus. This lake is especially beautiful. I have to say it's a little nicer than the duck pond--as much as I bleed purple!

Sunday afternoon walks with my little family are the best. It was such a gorgeous day and we are still having such a great time pointing out all the things that are different here in Florida. So much fun.

Some massive leaves.

We had a fabulous walk even with the heat and my contractions, haha. We'll have to go back--I want to see a crocodile!

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