Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Little Bit More Birthday

Initially Ruth was supposed to get the capes and a little something else for her birthday...but they hadn't come yet. They came the other day in the mail and she couldn't have been happier!
 And Elsa!!!!
She actually chooses to wear the Rapunzel one more often than the Elsa one, which surprised me---just because the sparkly dress usually wins out, ya know? But I'm just glad she likes them so much! I ordered them in a size 5/6 instead of a 3/4 and although they are long, I am still glad because (unlike the deceiving-standing-on-our-bed pictures) they barely brush the floor and they should last a long time! Sterling is still a bit confused by the apron/dress concept but I love it! I think it's an easy way to dress up and feel pretty without growing out/not fitting a full dress. Also, these are a LOT better quality than a lot of the disney princess dress-up items I was looking at when looking for presents. Again, I probably could have made them for super cheap, but with enough scouring of etsy, I feel like I got a great deal. Mostly I just love that she loves them and dress-up clothes are a fun addition to our toy box because we've never had them before! Will LOVES the capes and Ruthie usually has BOTH dresses on, so I think we had some birthday success!

I am 38 weeks pregnant. Will would be a week old already. Sigh. I still feel like she is breech, but she moves so much I am constantly second-guessing myself. I don't have to wake up as much during the night as I did for the two days she was head down, I don't feel as much pressure, and I am not nearly as uncomfortable. So we are still praying at this house that baby is head down and I can have a normal delivery. I am trying to keep forefront in my mind that a healthy baby is the most important thing, I have a great doctor and access to wonderful medical care and those are all really big blessings already. 
Our neighbor Beth brought over a bag of baby clothes the other day and I am so glad we have some more summer outfits for when it will be 'winter'. This baby will be born the same season as Ruth was, but all of Ruth's six month clothes are winter--so it was nice to get some that are summery! It is also so much fun to be washing and folding those little tiny outfits. A couple weeks ago I ordered matching Christmas dresses for the girls because they were on clearance for 9 bucks at Target. I'm hoping this little babe is big enough to fit size six months at Christmastime and I ordered a size up for Ruthie so she has a dress for all year...but you should have seen Sterling's face when I held them up! Even he couldn't disguise a little 'awww' face. Matching dresses. Plus, the little one looked SO tiny next to the big one for Ruthie. Such exciting things. I have another OB appt on Monday, so I guess I'll update more then!

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