Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Post o' Miss Molly

Okay guys, I loaded photos onto my computer and had 400-odd new ones since last week. Whew! So here is a handful to keep you occupied, haha!!!! Basically we are doing awesome (but not awesome enough that we aren't COMPLETELY over-the-moon excited to see my mom on Tuesday morning, keep getting better mom!) and Molly is the most beautiful baby in the entire world. The only thing I can really have as a complaint is my body's need to feed triplets when I only have one baby. It's ok, we're already stocking up the freezer in case of....who knows? Haha. I just can't throw away that much milk! On to Molly, which is all you are really checking my blog for anyway, haha.
In the hospital, angel baby.

Her bilirubin was a teensy bit low so we put her by the window to start her Miami tan.
This was her view!!!

I LOVE watching Ruth with Molly. She gets so excited and loves her SO much! 
He can say another word, if you look at his tongue you can tell he is saying "Cheee!" (cheese).
A Will hug.

Love her squished cheeks!

I'm so sad this has such a shadow. I die every time I look at this photo! Ruth's eyelashes, Molly's feet, her scrunched up body! It is all so adorable! 
Maybe a little too squished? Haha.

Those tiny legs!!!!

Some Sunday afternoon ring-around-the-roses:
They don't hold hands anymore, Ruth just whips Will around until they fall over. Ha!

 And back to Molly:

She eats a lot, sleeps a lot, puts up with Ruth and Will loving on her every minute they can, and is basically the best angel baby in the whole world! We love you Molly!


Lynn said...

So beautiful! Congrats again little mamma! You are doing awesome.

P.S. Have you considered donating your extra milk to hospitals in desperate need of breast milk for babies who's moms don't have any? There are a lot of programs out there. Just google for the ones in your area. Just a thought.

Megan and Jared said...

She is beautiful! I was the same way, I was so engorged all the time for so long. At least we are blessed to have enough.

Kayli said...

She's so pretty!

Kami said...

So so sweet!