Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Asia-Zoo Miami

Yup, it's more of the zoo. Someday we might make it COMPLETELY through the entire thing and then I will stop posting about it. Well, at least pictures of the animals. I'll probably still take pictures of my kids. But today we had a great time going through the Asia section. Or at least that's where we started out. I didn't actually take a map with us this time, we just kept following one big loop that we've never done before. It took us two and a half hours! 
 Ruthie was so much fun this morning--she sat and watched the animals so intently at every single spot! Which is probably why it took us 2 1/2 hours....haha!

She played on this lizard for at least ten minutes. She loved it!

This leopard is pretty sweet. I like its really long tail.
She was so nervous about this statue this was as close as she got!
Massive komodo dragon!!!

We had two animals that really put on a show for us--the Asian camel (can't remember the name of it) and the Sloth Bear. This bear is really cool looking and he wandered all around and played in the water for us so we could watch! His hair was SO long it swayed and jiggled all cool when he walked. I think his face almost looks more dog-like than bear-like. He also eats termites, which is cool, I guess. 

Splashing in the water.

And this was the cool camel. It stores fat in its hump for times of starvation--and this guys humps were WOBBLY. When he walked around they flip-flopped all over the place. Interesting.

This was a normal camel.

We saw several different types of antelope today. There were zig-zag horns and all sorts of things. There were pure white animals that they think might be where the unicorn legends come from because if you see them from the side it looks like they only have one horn. 

These are some kind of African wild cattle. They are the biggest wild cattle in the world. They were HUGE! Ruth was a little nervous looking at them because they were pretty close to our teeny tiny two-foot fence.

This bear wasn't part of the loop, but the last three times we've gone he's been hanging out in his tree so I thought it was cool that he was walking around this time.

I'm pretty positive baby girl is breech again. Sterling thinks I'm paranoid and stressing out about nothing. But I had a couple days with quite a bit of pressure and feeling like my body might actually do this labor thing...and then nothing. I feel a hard round thing right at the top of my belly, just like when she was breech. She still moves around like crazy. I am just so TIRED of worrying about this. Please don't be breech baby girl. And please come soon. 38 weeks is long enough...but if you need another week to turn because you really are breech still, then by all means, take your time. Sigh.

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