Monday, August 4, 2014

Bayshore Park

We wanted to go on a Sunday afternoon walk but weren't sure we wanted to drive all the way to walk along the ocean or not. About five minutes into our drive we decided against the ocean and just drove toward the biggest green area on our GPS--which was Bayshore Park. It was pretty neat actually, a lot like the exercise trail above WSU with all of the exercise stops and equipment (only a LOT bigger and a LOT more equipment here). Ruth liked watching 'the ocean' and we enjoyed the breeze since it felt like we were getting steamed in a pot outside. Humidity. Sigh.

Love those two.

 Usually I curl Ruthie's hair for church, but I was in the mood for braids--and they turned out so enchanting I had to take some pictures. Which of course she wasn't thrilled about, so twirling was the best we got.

Love that girl. 

There's really not much else going on around here. I have three more weeks. I had an OB appt this morning and they didn't really do anything. In Utah they start checking you at 37 weeks, which I was last week, and with Will I was already dilated. Apparently they won't check me until I'm 39 weeks. So no news on that. It's really rainy and really humid outside so basically we've been chilling inside. Sterling has finals this week so wish him luck!


Ben and Beth said...

I LOVE Ruth's hair. I seriously am going to need lessons from you! And the guys have so much fun!

Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruth could not be cuter! I love her little white sandles and braids!