Monday, August 25, 2014

Blessing Day

We decided to bless her on Sunday so that mom could be here for it. Everyone thought she was SOOO beautiful (because she is, obviously, haha!). Aunt LaVerle made this dress and I'm so happy all my girls have it for their blessings. She looked absolutely perfect. Shout out to Megan for sending us a package with a bow in it the day before, just as I was thinking I needed to find a newborn one! Thanks! 
I tried to get some family pictures, but it was 97 degrees and the kids had just sat through Sacrament Meeting, so their attention spans were not what they could have been. 
Sterling gave Molly a beautiful blessing and we feel blessed to already have some great friends that were able to stand in the circle and support us on this special day!

We love you Molly! What a beautiful day and a beautiful baby girl!

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Kami said...

So pretty! I love the picture of you and Mom and Molly