Monday, August 11, 2014

Miami Boardwalk

Sunday after church I told Sterling I *really* wanted to go on a walk along the Miami Boardwalk--even though its a bit of a drive. I loved it! If you just look at the pictures and forget about the 95 degree heat, humidity, and mosquitoes, it was pretty much perfect! Haha. We had a bit of a time finding parking and then Ruth had an accident in the van (for the first time since about a week after we moved here so we were unprepared and poor Will had to go shortless for his sister's sake) so I am glad it was so breezy and beautiful of a walk-it made it all worth it!
On our drive. Those cruise ships are HUGE--look at that water park on top of it!
Look at the cool tiled bridge!

When you drive onto the island, especially into an area like South Beach, it is much more how I pictured Miami being when I pictured moving here. Our little neighborhood is very different, and the city of Miami is very different, but this...this is what Miami looks like, right?!

I seriously have the best-looking husband ever.
These aren't the greatest photos, but across the river from where we parked there were the COOLEST mansions. That is one thing I really, really love about Miami. No building looks alike. Not like Farmington, UT where every single house looks drudgingly the same. They have SO much personality. While I do not always love how they look, at least they are unique, right?! These buildings were incredible though, and so beautiful!

Here's when we finally got to the Boardwalk:

From what I read, the Boardwalk is 4 miles long. We started at one end and probably didn't even make it a mile. I definitely want to come back and do the entire walk sometime!

I love the little wheaty-things poking up in this photo.
We all kind of wished it wasn't Sunday and we could just go jump in the water. That white sand. That blue water. An incredible ocean breeze. It looked amazing. But it was breezy enough to keep us cool on our walk that it was really nice still.

A nice guy walking past offered to take a family photo when I was taking the above picture. So nice of him! He even had us move the stroller so he didn't miss 'the little guy' haha.

38 1/2 weeks
 We had a great time driving home looking at all the beautiful views with this incredible cloud cover. (Oh, and talking about what we'd do if I died in childbirth. Or if Sterling died on his way to school. It would definitely be easier right now if he died. I'd just get a job, hopefully in Utah where I had babysitters until my kids were old enough for school. Our life insurance would pay off the student loans we have and probably leave enough for me to buy a house and keep us ok for a couple years if I didn't want to work. Sterling would be much worse off. I thought that maybe the schools would consider my death an extenuating circumstance and let Sterling transfer to University of Utah to finish. Especially if my baby survived, because there's no way he could care for a newborn here in Miami. Oh those conversations! Glad it was all hypothetical. We need to get our will notarized.)

Then we put the kids to bed, ate rocky road ice cream, and enjoyed our last night before Sterling started his fall semester today! One summer of masters classes down and on to his first year of med school classes! I love Sundays.

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