Monday, January 12, 2015

5 months+A Sunbeam

 We have a 5 month old baby on our hands over here and I have no idea how that happened. I'm loving it, we've hit my favorite age from now until at least 18 months. But, realistically, how many more of these ages am I going to have? It's just starting to sink in that I can't have babies indefinitely. My little brother Ethan used to say he'd have twenty kids, but I'm starting to think that might be a tad bit excessive. Which means I don't want this favorite phase of mine to start, because that means it has to end. Sensible, no?

 At her four month doctors appointment, (a week before she turned five months) all my thoughts were confirmed: 70% for height and 24% for weight!!! Haha. We have a tall and skinny little lady on our hands here. Which is delightful, just different than I am used to! She reminds me of my brother Derek's kids--she feels like a feather when you pick her up. 

While in the dr.'s office I read a brochure on colic. Lasts for the first three months, at least three hours of crying at least three times a week. Check, check, and check. Only, add a couple hours and make it daily. But...three months are up and she has suddenly become SO MUCH happier and we couldn't be happier about it! 

Over Christmas break she got her two bottom teeth and I think that helped a lot with the fussiness level as well. So yay! She also learned how to roll over from stomach to back (she hates tummy time, I think that was a motivating factor) and today she rolled from back to front- we all think its the greatest! We also recently tried some baby cereal (in an attempt to get her to sleep for a longer stretch at night) and while it hasn't helped a ton with sleeping, she seems to thoroughly enjoy her nightly bowl! 

She is smiley and adorable and takes the harassment of her older siblings like a champ. She is beautiful and cuddly and just the best baby ever!

We also have...drumroll...a SUNBEAM! I have no idea how I got this old, or more especially, how my daughter got this old-but here we are! She LOVES it (some of her good friends were a few months older than her and were already in sunbeams, so she is excited to be with them) and is so happy about going!

Ruth was not keen on being photographed, so Will stole the show.

 We had four girls move up to Sunbeams, which means Will is now one of our oldest, and we also only have ONE girl currently in nursery. Definitely changes the dynamics of my nursery class, haha.
I'm three!

Remember my post of Ruthie in these pajamas? Well I had to take some of Molly to match!

Her faces. Those massive eyes. I just love every bit of that.


First, adorable smiles:

Then, Molly realizes with panic the situation she is in:

Hi mom! Look at me holding the baby!:

 Molly 'I am not okay with this!' Will 'this is AWESOME!':

Will 'Haahaahaa, that was hilarious!':

Then to add to this already ridiculously long post, Ruthie reading to Will. Which she does often, and I love it. They really love I'm Going On a Bear Hunt.

The end.

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Lindsey said...

Molly's faces were the best when Will was holding her!! And yay for Sunbeams! Can't believe we have sunbeams!