Monday, January 12, 2015

The Perfect Day

My goal over Christmas was to relax and to enjoy the hubster. I feel like this was definitely accomplished, especially due to my (and his) extreme lack of motivation now that normal life has hit. Really? We have to clean and cook and do laundry and...SCHOOL?!?!! Ruff, and ruff again. Lack of motivation=nothing being accomplished=this blog is behind. Haha. 

Before all of those to-do lists and LIFE things wormed their wormy ways back into our lives, we had the perfect day. I mean it. It could not have been better. 

We have these AWESOME friends who drove with us to Ft. Lauderdale RIDICULOUSLY early so we could go to the temple. We took their adorably chubby and round little guy while they did the bright and early 8am session and then they took our three hooligans while we did the next session. We were lucky and got the park all to ourselves (no Miami native in their right mind would be up and at a park at 8am, they are night life sorts), unfortunately our friends had to deal with the masses. And the intense heat and sunshine. Which meant sunburns. All while we peacefully enjoyed the exquisite Ft. Lauderdale temple. So, thanks for that! We really appreciated it so much!

After an incredibly lovely session we met back up at the park to gather our children and grill some hamburgers. Due to crazed birds that ate our hamburger buns, we were a little short on some food items, but it seemed to work out just fine. One of those meals you can't decide if it is SOOO delicious because you are absolutely ready to eat a bear, or if it really was that good!? The view could not have been better, either. We could look down the hill of the park and see the temple:

All cleaned up, but this is where we ate.
We'd pulled a LONG day and so our friends headed home, but we had told the kids we would fly a kite, and so we did. It was the most picturesque field and sun and lighting and beautiful moment ever. Watching dad+kids together is my favorite thing. Especially when I'm laying on a blanket in beautiful grass with the afternoon sun perfectly streaming down. 

Molly eating the camera strap, as per her baby duties.

Oh I just LOOOOOVE that boy!

Poking: brotherly duties. 

I even flew the kite a bit. It was really nice to have someone else do all the work of getting it up and I just got to fly it for awhile. 

After that gorgeous afternoon we had even MORE fun with our friends after the kids were in bed (its easier that way) and played games well into the night. It was the perfect way to end such a wonderful break from school. It was so peaceful and relaxing and just plain wonderful. Thanks Florida, for winter sunshine! Grilling over the break is so WEIRD, but it was very, very nice. So, same time and place next break? I think so!

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