Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Books

I was SOOO excited about the books the kids got for Christmas. I chose to give a bit more traditional books to Ruthie and I can't decide if that was good or not. I still REALLY love the books, and she likes them. But she is big into Fancy Nancy right now, and Pinkalicious (she picks that book out every. single. time. we go to the library). She even noticed last week that the library had got in a NEW Fancy Nancy book. So I probably should have gone more that direction. Still. The Little Brute Family is hilarious! We also have been working with her a LOT on manners, so this is a fun spoof to help drill that in a bit more.

A Child's Garden of Verses is a book that I fell in love with while looking for Molly's books. It's the same illustrator and they are GORGEOUS! In all the reviews they said their child just likes to look at the pictures! Ruth hasn't really sat down with this book yet (we got quite a few new ones!) but I think she'll like it.

Both of Will's books are HUGE successes. I already have Little Blue Truck basically memorized, and the kids have all the sounds ready on cue when we are reading it. Will can say "BEEP!" now, which is a new word, and will even look at other books and say 'beep! beep! beep!' to himself as if it's this book. This was recommended by a friend of fb, I think, and it did not disappoint. I LOVE it. Sterling and I laughed forever the first time we saw the big, green toad with his shining teeth and tiny biceps! It is adorable and should be in every little boys library.

We also got him Sometimes I Like To Curl Up In A Ball. He is not as keen on this one, mostly because Little Blue Truck stole the show, but I LOVE it and he thinks its funny too. Ruthie really enjoys it and loves the page that you hold vertical instead of horizontal. It is a perfect toddler book!

My sister recommended Babies and I didn't feel like it was that impressive, but got it for the adorable illustrations. I was wrong. It is AMAZING! Will carries it around. He sits down and looks at it for TEN MINUTES at a time (unheard of for him). The most sweetest thing is on a page that has babies with different emotions. The last baby on the page is crying. Will makes his hand into a little cup/cuddle shape and puts it against the crying baby and makes this super-high-pitched "ohh...!" It is the sweetest, most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life! Every single time he gets to that page he does the same thing. His heart is just so sad for that poor little crying baby! He LOVES the book. I think this book is a NECESSITY for little toddlers. Hopefully Molly grows up and likes it just as much! Baby Animals is the same author/illustrator just with animals. It is adorable and sweet and we like it, but it gets a little upstaged by the regular Babies book. Still worth having and I really love the pictures. Also, it states TWICE how you have to be GENTLE with baby animals, and I think that is a good reminder for my kids to get on a regular basis, haha.
And that is the end of my explanation on Christmas books. It was so much fun! I was more excited about these than just about anything else, I think! (Also, Molly's little fairy doll that I got at Ikea for a dollar--cutest thing in my life!)


Kayli said...

The Little Brute Family is 5000 times better than Fancy Nancy. :)

And your Christmas looked fun! Your kids are the cutest. I love when Ruthie's hair is in messy buns.

kami said...

Now I want go out and buy even more books.

Andrea said...

I can't believe you doubted me. I TOLD you that Babies would be a hit. I'm so deeply offended I might not ever recommend books for you again. At least for a day or so.

Now I must buy the Blue Truck book because I bought Sheep in a Jeep for Oskar this year (along with Freight Train, which is AWESOME) and I am totally disappointed. It had such rave reviews. Sigh.

I also got another copy of Jamberry because our first one eventually bit the dust When Emeline opened it for Clover, Miriam squeeled, "Jamberry!!!" So . . . that was a hit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the Christmas pics. What a great time you all had. The pj's are so cute. Glad you enjoyed it all. Cute kids. Love you all and miss you. Mom