Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

Sterling took a test on Friday afternoon, which meant we had the entire weekend to play! Friday I got the kids pictures taken at JCP (none of the Targets around here have a portrait studio, ruff) and Ruth's and Will's turned out ADORABLE! Molly's, made me a little sad. I ended up buying a membership because it was only six dollars more than paying the sitting fee for three kids. I might take Molly back and try again--but I was so irritated at the photographer! Molly was in the BEST mood and so SMILEY and the lady would click three seconds late every. single. time. I wanted to grab the camera from her. Someday it would be sweet to have a backdrop at my own house :).

We took the weekend to get some housework accomplished. Boring, I know, but we were feeling pretty good about life since we just got to see so much of each other on Monday, and we had a lot that needed to get finished. Friday we hung out with some great friends and Saturday we spent cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, and I had to write a talk for church. The highlight for me was that Sterling took the kids for FOUR hours while I went through all of their clothes and reboxed and organized (it seems like all of my kids hit a major growth spurt all at once!). Four hours without ANY kids?!! It was complete bliss, I tell ya what.

Now on to some cute bedtime pictures:
Are these PJs also from you, Kate? I am in LOVE with them!

I'm a little concerned here, mom. 

I asked Sterling if he would hold Molly up to show off her cute PJs. It took some coaxing since he was pretty enthralled with Amelia Bedelia, haha. Molly smiled SO CUTE and Sterling...????

He acts all innocent. We have proof though, babe! 
Ready for Sunday, curlers and painted nails, haha.

Our church rotates times, and the start of this year meant we changed to 1-4 church time. The struggle is real. Will won't take a nap early enough to get one in before church. Molly needs to eat right as we are leaving. Sterling has meetings from 10:30 until church time, so I feel like I don't see him at all. Then we get home, feed the kids, put them to bed, and commiserate about how we didn't see each other. 

So yesterday we decided to get up and enjoy the morning. We went to a little pier next to the Deering Estate, and it was BEAUTIFUL. Also, cold. (I've lived in Miami long enough that 60 degrees is cold. In fact, our van said 55 degrees when we first got in...although it was to 66 by the time we left.) I'm not complaining though, truly. This 88 degrees in January was REALLY killing me.
Roots growing over the wall.
OCEAN! It still amazes me that in six minutes (literally) we can be at the ocean. Pretty much we're toast if there is some massive hurricane, haha.
Love my menfolk.

It sparkles. I love when it sparkles.
A pelican. We watched this guy for some time. Did you know the big ol' bottom part of their beak that they carry stuff in is actually elastic? As in, wobbly and disappears when he puts his head down? For some reason I thought the bottom beak was hard and always looked shaped the same way.

Now it is Monday and back to the grind. This morning was already eventful in that we saw a banana spider at the park and then got torrentially rained on. I'd post a picture of the banana spider, but I don't want to look it up. It was bad enough seeing it in real life, and I don't want to continue it. Luckily, a fellow mom waited for it to drop slowly down from a tree and then softly crunched it with her foot so her son could come look at it, because he likes spiders. That's a nice mom for ya. I, on the other hand, was trying not to lay down and go into fetal position. I have NEVER in my life seen a spider so huge. I never want to again. Although, I hear banana spiders are pretty common around here. Yuck. 

Oh yeah, and I think it's goodbye to my husband for the next month because we just wrote out his schedule and...well, it IS med school that we are here for. 

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Kayli said...

Yes!! Before I even read the part that asked me if the pajamas were mine, I thought--those were mine!!!

I love the ocean! Those pictures of Molly were SOOOO adorable.

The end.