Saturday, January 3, 2015

An Emergency Room Visit

Molly got a bit of a stuffy nose, Will picked it up, and within a day he was wheezing. We called on the 29th and made an appointment for the 30th, but then decided not to wait and went into an urgent care clinic that night. He was coughing, wheezing, and his chest was starting to move when he struggled (I can't remember what thats called, but they told us to watch for it when he had RSV.) We waited for an hour. Then Will decided to really hate the visit. Shrill screaming for probably forty minutes. Not that I blame him, the nurse and dr were pretty terrible with kids. Not a talent they possess, I guess, but it was not making it easy for me. They eventually started a nebulizer treatment, but the doc wasn't very happy with the results, so he sent us to the emergency room. We declined the ambulance because we thought Will had experienced enough traumatic events for one night and drove over to the hospital. They have a pediatric emergency room at Baptist and the nurses and doctors there were incredible. Officially wheezing=asthma, so officially Will has asthma. They gave him an oral steroid, took his blood (oh the screaming!), gave him another nebulizer treatment, and then performed two chest x-rays. By the time we were taking X-rays it was 1am and Will had been asleep twice and there was no one to help me hold him down, so I had to hold his arms and his legs and stand away while they took them. It was horrible. He was screaming "mama!" in this sad little hoarse voice that had been through WAY too much by that point. 

Everything else came back negative. No RSV, no flu, no chest problems, etc. Just asthma. So they gave us an oral med and lots of albuterol to use for the next few weeks. So we are back to nebulizer treatments every four hours. I thought we were over that a year ago. Sigh. Will does pretty well. He fights both medications at the beginning, but then usually does pretty well throughout. Poor little man, it was not a fun night for him! At least he can breathe now! We have to get chest X-rays every two years to keep up with it, I'm just hoping it doesn't turn out to be too severe in the future. Crossing my fingers!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

:( that's one very good thing about Miami.. The air quality here is horrible right now!