Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Bottom Teeth

I felt like Molly was looking especially cute this afternoon and instead of going to bed, I thought I'd share. Because I spent the afternoon rearranging the kids' bedroom - due to Will being able to climb out of his crib (impromptu rush of spring cleaning jitters--took everything from underneath Ruth's bed and put it in the closet and took everything out of the closet and put it in our room so Will's mattress can slide under Ruth's bed and he can sleep there so he's not falling out of anything!) - and now Molly is sleeping in there, too. Which means I can have lights on and make all the noise I want in our bedroom. It's a little bit of a freeing experience, haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm a little sad about it. But not sad enough to keep her in our room. I'm not a co-sleeper, and I like having our room to ourselves in the evening. 

And a quick photo of Will, because he is just so adorably handsome I couldn't resist. 
Laughing at Ruthie. Ruthie's are good for that.
Those eyes.
Look, mom! I have two bottom teeth! (The faces that girl can pull!)

Awww, Molly! We love you and your two bottom teeth! 

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