Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blacksmith Fork Canyon

After the morning walk and the art festival, we hung out (dad gave horse back rides) at mom and dad's and then went up Blacksmith Fork Canyon for a hot dog roast. That was my request CLEAR back in...months ago, anyway, when I found out we'd be coming to Utah. I love Blacksmith Fork Canyon, I love that it is only ten minutes from my parents house, I love that it is green and gorgeous and chilly and SOOO beautiful. It was a great time.
Dev wearing the cowboy hat that Will got at DI for a dollar. I think we left it there, sad.
'Fishing' with sticks.
We have so many teenage boys around these days! And Myles has grown EIGHT inches since I saw him a year ago and it is crazy!!!!
Haha, I love it when the older kids play.
All the kids on there are cousins. Haha. Myles got them going PRETTY fast. I'm glad I was there to save my babies before it got a little too crazy and resulted in someone flying off. Luckily, Anders has superpowers, so it was all ok.

Gideon is a great photographer. He even took three for me (so that Molly was actually in the photo, haha)!
My brother Derek, my mom, my sister Megan, my sis-in-law Brooke.
Dad. Haha.
My bro-in-law Jared and Dad.
Megan is trying to steal Molly. It's not going to work though. But I love how they both have cheesy grins right here.
Katelyn and Danica. Danica just got her wisdom teeth out (so did Myles, but he only had two and they weren't impacted) and so she was hiding her swollen cheek.
Anders roasting me a marshmellow.
Will and Ruth played in this stream ALL night. It gave me anxiety all night worrying about them falling in, but it is pretty open so I could keep a pretty steady eye on them. They loved it.
Grandpa and Molly.
Molly is JUST the sweetest and cutest EVER:

And some photos to show how GORGEOUS the canyon is:

Megan jumped in to join the party.

Everyone helps with my kids so much. It's awesome.
Derek and Mom playing catch. I win preparedness award for having a football in my van! :)
Ruth is really distraught every single night about her friends leaving and whether or not we get to play with them again soon. It's hilarious. Derek and Brooke stayed another night but left after church today and she was not impressed. Luckily, they are coming back, so she can have all of Ashlee's attention again. It is so relaxing and fun to see everyone and have so many cousins for my kids to play with! Perfect night.

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