Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Anderson's!

Once upon a time I had a good friend in junior high and high school, but then I moved away to Logan and we never kept in touch. Then one day in a singles ward we walked into the same meeting and realized how awesome of friends we were. Then she got me a job and we worked, with no small amount of hilarity and singing, together for over a year. We got married within four months of each other and had our three kids within months of each other. 

I was the LUCKIEST that as I worked and had two children I was able to have Chantelle babysit my kids. There is nothing like trusting someone SO MUCH with your kids. Ruth and Olivia were the BEST of friends and played together SO well. She has been very, very missed. So we had to have an entire day of playing with them in Utah, and it was perfection.
Ruthie, Daphne, Olivia, Will
Also, when I got to Logan for this trip I realized...I'd never done toddler activities in Cache Valley before. High school and college, check and check. But toddlers? Where are the hot places to go? Well, after some searching for kid-friendly hikes and parks, we found this INCREDIBLE castle park right next to the Logan temple (I told Ruth all about being married there and freezing in the snow.) and it was so fun!

Snack time.
Olivia and Ruthie acted like no time had passed at all. They were best friends from the moment we met up and played and played and played all day SO well. It made me wish for a girly-friend for Ruthie in Miami--she's the only one her age there. It was so much fun for me to spend time and catch up with Chantelle and so much fun for the kids. What a great time.
 Then we brought them back for some fun and ran through the sprinklers, played on the swings and tramp, and even rode horses! Olivia and Daphne were awesome cowgirls!
Cutest girlies!!!!

I love Daphne's hair blowing in the wind!

Molly falling asleep in the swing.  
Cutest picture ever.
Grandma's garden is growing so much!

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