Monday, June 15, 2015

Tower Ride

After dropping Sterling off at the airport at 5am on Saturday morning, we were the lucky recipients of a delicious pancake breakfast from Grandma Cindy. Then the kids had to get in a few more quick minutes of jumping on the tramp before we headed back to Logan. Ruth wanted Grandma Cindy to come with us--if only she wasn't in school right now!

Once the kids had eaten lunch and Will and Molly went down for naps, dad and mom surprised me by finding a babysitter and I got to go on a ride with them! 

Somehow, in all my years of LIVING right here with them, I have only gone on the tower ride once. Luckily, I am now one of the 'visitors' and so I get treated to the ride. Haha. Is that how it works? We had a great time. My allergies started going CRAZY but it was well worth it. Everything is SO green and SO gorgeous right now!
My mom. So beautiful.
Grandpa Jack.

Mom and me.
Sterling and I want to live in Mt. Stirling some day.

Dad and me.

Then dad started getting a bit hilarious and mom started laughing...

Awwww. And then I got the best pictures of all time.

Then Dad made some comment about it taking three and a half hours instead of two because of all my pictures...ruff. But this was SOOO worth it!

Then, to top off the exciting adventure, we saw two MOOSE!!!!!! Mom thought I was being ridiculous and said "It's just a little deer." Until she turned and really looked at it. Hey, I'm not THAT much of a city-slicker!

A little baby moose. Dad said they were yearlings. So cute!!!!
In other news, Dad takes my kids riding almost every night. Will is in LOVE with Smokey, whom he calls "Pokey" and asks to ride from the minute he wakes up in the morning. Mom is amazing and bought my kids bikes at DI this morning for four bucks and we have been working on getting Ruthie to ride without training wheels--so fun!! The kids started swimming lessons this morning, which I will post about when I take my camera and Will doesn't cry the entire time (he fell in at the very start and was off his game the rest of the time, oops).  I guess Molly needed mom's country cooking because she has been eating like CRAZY lately and I feel like all I do is feed her. Which makes me think that she might not be nursing too much longer. But hey, it's been almost a year which means almost six months longer than my other kids! Yay! She's also standing solo for MUCH longer periods of time and I just can't wait to see those tiny little shrimpy legs walking all on their own! We FaceTime Sterling in D.C. a lot and that is fun. I got my wedding rings cleaned at S.E. Needham's today and they are so bright and shiny and beautiful! I love that! Mom had dad watch my kids yesterday and we went to a free Flag Day concert by the USU alumni band and a cache valley choir. Craig Jessop came at intermission and took over and after that the concert got AMAZING! SO AMAZING! I love going to music things with my mom because she enjoys it SO much. I really missed Sterling though because he would have LOVED it. Poor guy. But hey, he got to see the White House today, and that's something I've never seen, so all good things, right? That's all folks.


Kayli said...

You never said anything about seeing moose! So fun.

kami said...

I love ALL these pictures and the moose and the splashpad. Stop having fun without me!

Beth said...

That view! Utah can't be beat! It was totally worth the extra time for the pictures. Have sooooo much fun!