Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grandma Cindy's

Grandma Cindy works at a year round school and unfortunately she is still in session right now. But Sterling really wanted to see Bridget's twins (still in the NICU) and we had a family dinner planned, so we headed down on Thursday night. We took turns going into the NICU and her babies are SO SO SO adorable!!!! I should've taken pictures. They are gaining lots of weight and already up to about four and a half pounds each. They looked absolutely perfect in every way, just SOOOO tiny! I am so glad we got to see them and I hope I get to see them come home before our trip is over!

On Friday we were lucky enough that Cindy got out of work by 2pm and so we headed over to the Kaysville splash pad. The water was FREEZING (we are not in Miami anymore!) but the kids were still super brave and had a great time. Molly especially was a hit, everyone thought it was hilarious that she is so tiny and was playing all around. She is used to the hard surfaces though, she even crawls one-legged to help her knees. (Since being in Utah she has crawled on her hands and knees more than I have ever seen because we have carpet around. Yay!)

Ruthie warming up on the pavement, haha.

In Miami, everyone is super concerned about covering up from the sun--which is, obviously, a good thing. Also, putting on sunscreen 800x a day is really exhausting. At the splash pad and pool the majority of kids will have rash guards, often long-sleeved, as well as hats, etc. I was surprised hardly anyone here was that fully dressed, and I felt like some overly careful mama with my kids. But hey, Utah should catch the trend, cause it is definitely the way to go with little ones!

Stepping on the spouts so the water can't come out. He thought he was a big deal, haha.

Making prints with water.
This was hilarious. She was trying to pick up this old cracker that was behind the bench. First she tried to skinny underneath, but when that didn't work she went overtop. She was so determined that she toppled over onto her head and I had to rescue her. Silly girl.

Will was low on sleep and switching time zones and has just in general been ornery the last few days, but it was hilarious to watch him with the towels. He laid each one out and then smoothed it just perfectly and then turned down the corners. Kept him occupied forever. Then he started wrapping daddy in towels and apparently that is more fun than the splash pad!

After the splash pad we came home to have a family dinner with the Haws and Ball bunch. It was such a great time. We love having Kathy living so close to come and hang out and we are so happy that Marlowe took work off to see him! It was a beautiful evening and so great to catch up!
Oh goodness this girl is just so perfect.

JoJo, Mia, Jaxen, Will, and Ruthie
Awww! This is so much cuter than the professional ones I just had that she would not even smile at all for!
Ruthie and Jaxen had such a great time!
Thanks Kathy for the photo! I love having pictures of me and my man!

Tim (Kathy's husband), Sterling, Cindy, Kathy

We missed their brother Paul in KY, but here are the rest of the Haws crew! Last year we stopped in KY on our way to moving to Miami and had a picture of Kathy, Sterling, and Paul. One day we really need all FOUR together!
Marlowe, Kathy, Sterling

Molly and Grandma Cindy. First photo I have of them together--they finally get to meet each other! 

Will and Mia had a grand time on this slide.
Oh those eyes! That girl is just SOOOO gorgeous!
Cutest cousins.
Daddy and Molly.
Bridget and Cade came later, unfortunately I didn't get pictures. I will soon though- hopefully with their handsome twins strong and healthy and at home! What a great time! Thanks everyone for coming!

The next morning I had to get up ridiculously early to take Sterling to the airport to head out to Washington, D.C. for the next four weeks. He is doing an internship to get hours for his capstone for his masters in public health. Four long weeks. Luckily, I get to spend them here with all my family keeping me busy!

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Lindsey said...

Yes...the Kaysville splash pad water is like glacial run-off! Our feet went numb though it was really hot outside.