Saturday, June 13, 2015

{Bomb Squad}

Once upon a time we got married and lived in this cute little apartment complex with a lot of other newly wedded couples. It was fantastic and one of our favorite places we have ever lived. Complete with some of the best couple friends we have ever made! I mean, if two of you have extreme morning sickness with your first babies and can still pull yourself outside to build a snowman after a big storm and then drink hot chocolate and laugh hysterically until past's a pretty great friendship! We only had a small window with Sterling being in Utah, so we were so lucky that the Calder's and Schultz's worked out their schedules to accommodate us--the Schultz's hosted with a 9 day old baby, just for us! We love you guys!
(Here and Here is another night of fun with them, and there are more, but that was before I ever labeled things.)
Always something funny going on.
Look at that most HANDSOME baby Benjamin!!! He was SO new and SO tiny and SO fresh and absolute perfection! Thanks for letting me hold him!

All of us. Quite a change from when we had zero kids. Or even one kid each, when we still managed to get them all to sleep to play board games all night long! Myah and Ruth are three days apart and then Reagan and Sam are really close as well. So much fun! 

Sweetest ever. 
Lots of running around. Will had no pants after dumping water all down himself. For the second time that day, actually.
Three days apart. 

It's always so much fun to catch up with these great people. We couldn't be more blessed with the wonderful friends we have in our lives. They are such a strength and example to us. Even with seven kids we can still get our party on! We had such a great time! Thanks everyone!

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