Saturday, June 13, 2015

50 Hours

Fifty hours later and we saw MOUNTAINS! We were home!!! The GPS says it takes forty hours, but after one stop for two hours to sleep, a second time at my brother's new house in Des Moines for about three hours, and third time for another two hours to sleep, it took us about fifty hours total. We drove straight through both nights, only because the first night went so well, and it was awesome. Our kids were better than I ever anticipated and I am so grateful!

We started soaking in the wonder of Grandma's house from the very moment we got there. Sunday dinner and lamb roast-Sterling was in heaven!

Monday was so nice and relaxing and the weather was gorgeous! Ruthie wandered around following Grandma Rasmussen all morning long-watering the flowers, watering the garden, petting the cats, discovering the dead mouse 'present' the cats had left for Grandma, watching the horses, eating the strawberries with dirt on them. Ruth put on her cowboy boots and was immediately in cowgirl mode. Will is still adjusting, haahaa! He doesn't like the cats coming up to him, Ruth jumps a little too high on the tramp for him, and the horses are a little overwhelming. But we are persevering and he is slowly getting used to everything! Molly is just in love with all the space and soft places (carpet, grass) to crawl on. Not to mention being able to get into SOO many things at Grandma's house. Mom keeps saying "We're not Molly proof!" Haha. 

Watering the garden.  

Mom's pretty little garden spot.
I really love my Ogden Wasatch mountains, but those Mendon mountains, they definitely hold my heart, too.
Matching pink cowgirl boots!

We have pictures of me and my big belly riding around before moving to Miami, but this is the first time Molly has actually ridden a horse! She really liked it, especially because it came with kisses from Grandpa!  
Ruth was ecstatic she got to ride ALL BY HERSELF! She held onto the reins and everything!
I love this picture. Dad whistling is classic.
Love that smile!
Will got to ride by himself, too!
Sun in the face, but the only one I have of me with Will.
We love being able to spend time in Utah! I love watching Ruthie get to know everyone again. When we first walked in the door on Sunday she looked around and said "Where are all the kids?" Haha, poor girl didn't realize her cousins weren't coming to visit for a few more weeks. It has been a blast and since Grandma Rasmussen has dress up clothes, no place on earth could be better!

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