Thursday, July 21, 2016

4th of July 2016

I have no idea how I have so many pictures from one day--but it was SUCH a great day!!

My kids are in HEAVEN with all the babies around! Chezney is probably the favorite, because she is happy and smiling no matter who is holding her! Also, look at how adorable she is!!
At the parade!
It has been so much fun to be around Ethan and Kourtney and Chesney. They got married and we moved away for school, so it's been a blast to hang out!
Everyone watching the parade.

The main event of July 4th. Dad's homemade rootbeer. It did not disappoint. SOOOOO delicious.
He was up cooking hamburgers, and they were on par as well.
Will, Oskar, and Harriet. Will and Oskar are only three weeks apart.
Ruthie, Miriam, and Emeline
To beat the heat we put sprinklers under the tramp. You should have heard Will's laugh. I need to get it on video. It is the funniest, most contagious thing ever when he is giggling so hard!

Just a regular sprinkler proved better entertainment for the little ones.
This just cracks me up. Will is always lounging at the pool, and I guess he can do it on land too! Haha!
That poor cat. Molly is obsessed and followed it around EVERYWHERE pulling at it, poking at it, loving it.
Traditional game of Koob. It was hilarious.

Oh I love her.
Mom and I decided the night before that fruit pizza would be better on brownies, so mom whipped it up. I have declared it a new tradition. Brownies with icing and fruit? I may have eaten five pieces...or eight....
Cutie Chez.
And it wouldn't be the 4th without a horse ride!

I need to frame this on Molly's wall ASAP. 

I can't delete any of these because it is SO RARE to get a *real* smile out of my dad. Such a wonderful grandpa to take everyone on rides over and over again. We LOVE you!
Molly is no discriminator of animals. She should be left on the farm, poor thing will be so sad to head back to Miami. She loves ALL the animals and hugs and pets and pokes and pulls on them all. Luckily, Roxie is the sweetest, prettiest dog and doesn't mind.

Someone hooked Clover up to the dog chain, haha. Sometimes chasing after kids--that wouldn't be too bad of an idea!!!
Will was pretty excited to ride 'Mokey, he's been talking about it all year! But Apache is a close second now, luckily for us all. Haha.
Everyone wants to be right by grandpa!
It was such a great day to be around Andrea's fam and Ethan's fam and play outside and play with the animals, and see the parade. Grandma's house is definitely heaven on earth! So blessed to have our country to celebrate and enjoy!


llatorre80 said...

Thanks for making me completely regret my decision not to come. :(

Bridget Cunningham said...

Your parents play ground! Total envy! Also the pictures of Ruth on the horse with Grandpa. Those are the sweetest!!