Friday, July 29, 2016

Around and Willard Bay

Horse back rides. After the reunion a few family's were still around and so we had MORE cousin time and MORE fun!
Eli, Harriet, Ruth
Molly LOVES the 'ats and helps me feed them and sits down beside them and hugs and pats them the entire time.
Megan was kind enough to bring her boat out for another day of fun. I was really excited because we took my little ones on and they all TUBED, even MOLLY! (Molly rode in my lap) Will and Ruth were SO exited! I watched Ruthie's ride. We were concerned she was sad for a minute, but it was just a massive grin she could NOT wipe off her face! Will rode when I wasn't on the boat, so I asked him if he liked it "Yeah mom, I went SO SO SO fast and I was SO brave!"

That little lady is so in love with her grandma. I am starting to get really nervous about going home...they won't be very happy about leaving the farm and grandma!

Crazy girls.

Oh I love that girl!
Megan kept rolling hot dogs off and pretending like she hadn't. Good times.
Andrea and Anabel.
Kayli and the cutest Navy.
Navy's cheeks!!!! I just died and had to touch them every single time I saw her!
My cousin Troy and his son Jordan were in Utah to pick up his horse from my dad, I think, so they stayed over a couple of nights and joined in on the festivities! 
Cheetos face.
Chocolate face!

Summer days never end.

I love this boy. And the lake. And summertime.
Dress up at Grandma's!
More horse rides! We love Grandpa!
Ruthie and her dress-up...she's a trick rider!
This summer is just flying by WAY too fast and we are having SOOO much fun! 

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