Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Love My Tribe Reunion 2016- Day 2

We woke up to some Cowboy and Indian races! The theme of the reunion was just so much fun, and the kids just loved it!
Mustache, anyone!

Kenzi is the BEST.
Kami spent the entire weekend before the reunion making her kids some costumes. They were SO INCREDIBLE! Sebas looks AMAZING here!

Kami's kids.
Will riding the stick horse that they had made earlier!
Garrett was also looking mighty fine.
Ruthie and her stick horse!

Wyatt was doing something hilarious.
Oh I just love Molly. And she just loves babies!
Myles and Tyson lined up for their stick race and then started riding side saddle! It was SOOOO hilarious!

There were lots of kinds of races.
This would be Ethne and Isabel mid-fall. I guess you should try to pack a kids smaller than you, haha!

They gave my three brothers udders (the udders brothers! HAAHAA) and the kids had to catch them and 'milk' the water from the plastic glove, into a jug and bring it back to be scored. It was absolutely hilarious.

Ruthie, Isabel, Harriet, Natalie, and Devaney
Kiersten was so good with Molly the entire reunion, which was super nice because Molly was overtired the entire reunion and super ornery. Thanks Kieri!
Will didn't exactly take off when they told him to run, but he did pretty good, haha.
The middle-agers.
Look at Jethro! A knee ahead of Garrett! I'm pretty sure Garrett ended up winning. Good race, boys.

Karlee Ruth and Ruthie.
I ran. Courtney whomped on us all. I stuck with Kayli though, which impressed me. Even if she does have seven kids and a four month old. HA.
Then we had a major SURPRISE! A mechanical BULL! It was SOOOO exciting!

Ruth did such a great job!

It was really, SOOO much fun! It was rented for a certain amount of time, so the kids just got on over and over and over again! They loved it! We had snow cones and leftover homemade rootbeer. That night I think we had a devotional from mom around the campfire and then the adults chatted and played games while the kids slept and the teenager played night games. It was sooooo much fun. 

Thanks for the great reunion Kayli!

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