Sunday, July 31, 2016

Swimming with friends

Chantelle, Aleesha, me, and Jennica
The above picture just NEEDS to have a 'before' from high school. I cannot believe how long I've been friends with these awesome girls! Now, ELEVEN kids later, we still like to get together! I had such a good time catching up on their lives and seeing their cute babies.  We had such a great time! 

Liam and Will. The only boys. (Finn slept in his carseat the majority of the time.)
Olivia and Ruthie
Oh I love that boy!
And that cute girl!
Molly, Daphne, Olivia, Ruth, Will
Phoebe is getting SOOO big!
All of our kids!
Finn, Will, Molly, Lydia
Phoebe, Addison, Paisley, Ruth, Liam, Olivia, Daphne
Aleesha's and mine.
Liam, Finn, Ruth, Lydia, Will, Molly
I really just had such a great time seeing those girls again! They were so much fun and it was such great conversation and our kids did so well and played so nicely. Will saved Molly from drowning, and other than that, for that many kids--I'd say it was a HUGE success! Love you Jenn and Chantelle and Aleesha! Now I know who to call to help me facilitate and execute my great parenting ideas!

The sunset in Willard on the drive home. I had to stop to take a photo, it was AMAZING!

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