Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My birthday present came! After MUCH deliberating, searching, and researching, and waiting for President's Day sales, we finally got a new camera! (the same model as my old one that was stolen is discontinued, consequently it was much more expensive than similar models in other I had some research to do). Of course, the day it came all my kids were home sick, with snotty noses, laying on the couch all day. This means--there was nothing to report or take pictures of. Sigh. Since it has only been a couple of days, not much has changed. We haven't really gone anywhere due to Molly having a fever, and now a hacking cough. BUT---the few places we have gone, I've tried to try out my new camera and already I love it! I feel like it is a lot like my old one (which is what I was going for) but the video is MUCH nicer (yay, nice perk!) and it is also lighter and a bit smaller. Anyway--here is our unexciting life:
My kids love to line things up. This started out with Will lining up his boats, then his trains, then his planes, then Molly started adding princesses and barbies, haha.
Poor, sick little Molly.

Daddy stayed home from church with her and the rest of the day she would only go to him. Which I was totally fine with. I'd had enough of sick, clingy kids over the weekend. But it was super adorable.

This series is called: Ruthie and the Tooth Gap. Age 5.

Oh I love that girl.
This can be titled: The Boy Who Didn't Think It Was Cool To Stand Where Mom Said So Instead Stood Directly In Front of the Sunlight. Age 4. 
Oh my goodness, he is the handsomest.

He did this SOOO many times. It never got old to him. Baahaa.

That smile! He is the cutest cutest cutest ever!!!!!

I kept trying to take pictures and he was over it. He took his chair with him.

 A family Sunday walk when it was too dark for pictures, which made me sad. But the pictures actually turned out decent, which made me happy.
I zoomed in a whole lotta on this one. Which is why it is now blurry.

Molly would wear this dress and only this dress every single minute of her life if she could.

The Dash.

They were running around like goons, so this is all blurry. But I still like it. These two can be pretty great friends when they aren't trying to kill each other, and I really, really love it. Also, the coloring difference between the two reminds me of me and my sisters. Haha.

I love where we live right now.
Cheesin' it.

Hugs that almost end in face plants are the best kind of hugs.

Yesterday, due to the 87 degree temps, we attempted the pool. The big pool is much too cold still (its giant, so its going to take some hot days to warm that thing up) but the kiddie pool was perfect for splashing around in! The kids had a great time and it was a good break from our all-we-ever-do-is-the-playground routine. Of course, then the clouds and the slight breeze came out which made it pretty chilly. Luckily, the kids were champs and kept playing. Even Molly, who was slowly turning blue.
Will jumped in without a floatie, but then he couldn't do all of his cool floating moves, so he asked to put his back on, haha. 

Jumpin' in.

You guys! I've got a camera that can snap fifteen pictures (not even on fast mode) of one jump! YAAAAAY!!!!

She just makes me so happy.

Will can walk on water.

Ruth and Will both jumped in the big pool a few times. Braver than me. I'm not going to attempt that until we've had 90 degree weather for a solid three weeks at least. 
And that is all of our mundane happenings. 

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