Sunday, March 19, 2017

Grandparents-Part 2 (south beach day)

We picked the PERFECT day for the beach with mom. It was utter perfection. I did not edit a SINGLE ONE of these photos, just cropped. That is how gorgeous the water was. It's almost ridiculous. It was soooooo pretty. Chilly a bit when we first got there, but by noon it was just so nice. South Beach, I will miss you.

Waiting for that wave!
I love mom and Ruthie's laughing faces here.

Mom takes on the ocean!

Mom chucks a ball at my son's head. HAAHAA

After a day at the beach we came home and showered and then joined up with Dad and Sterling for a dinner of fresh sea food (I got clam chowder because Sterling doesn't like it and so I never make it and it was so divine I am already planning a date back there. For lunch...when we can actually afford it, maybe haha.). Sterling got sea food fettuccine which had crab and shrimp and scallops and was SOOOO delicious. Mom got the lobster special--she had to crunch them up herself, so we all got a lesson on how to do it! Afterwards we stopped for ice cream on the way to our parents hotel that is this cute little 1950's place. The kids adored it and it was a wonderful way to send off mom and dad! What a perfect day! 

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Kami said...

Beautiful beach pictures!! Your camera was definitely worth it! Glad you had fun.