Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beach + Food Truck Invasion

We went to South Beach again a week or so ago when Ruthie had a day off school. Presidents Day? It was overcast in the morning (we got there around 930am) but it was clearing up to be the most magnificent day. 

Did I already talk about this watering can? The blue end pulls off. Which is GENIUS for when it gets all plugged with sand and the water can't get through. It's Hape I think off Amazon. You're welcome.

Molly stopped taking naps. Or the effort of trying to get her to take one was greater than the amount of time she slept, making it not worth it. Either way, she falls asleep sometimes in the afternoon in crazy places. Often in the car when we are picking Ruth up from school, but sometimes sitting up to the table, haha.

The last few mornings this has been our tradition. And it's a good one. There is a canal that runs behind our house (with Caution Alligator signs haha) and there is this LOVELY jogging path that runs along it. I don't know how long it is, but it takes us 40-60 minutes to walk at a fast pace with our jogging strollers (our fast pace makes me out of breath, but then again, I'm pregnant so it might not really be that fast...but then again we have to keep up with Will). Will is INCREDIBLE and can bike the whole thing on his little 4 yr old legs. And he used to get off and walk his bike over any of the big bumps caused by roots disrupting the pavement--and I'm happy to say he is so proud that he can ride right over them now! Haha! But really, the kid impresses me with his mad biking skills! It's also really fun because we usually see lots of iguanas and turtles out lately, so the kids love it. Yesterday there was a turtle as big as sideways gallon of milk right on the path--it was fun. And lest you think we are some wonderful family that skips down the path singing and smiling...there is usually meltdowns. Plural. About picking up a leaf. Or dropping a rock. Or needing a drink. Etc.

My splurge in the dollar spot at Target. I love how happy my little dining area feels!

Last week I called Sterling and cried SOS and said I couldn't do one more night by myself with the kids and eating dinner. I am JUST SO OVER the picky eating right now. And lets face it, willpower to be a good mom by 5pm is really, really hard to have. And I was going on four or five days of zero co-parent. Then I remembered that it was the Food Truck Invasion and convinced Sterling to meet me there. It was a good break for everyone and the food was divine. Why is food truck food SOOOOO good?!
Ruth asked for pizza and Will asked for fries. Plain fries. I was kind of sad to order that actually, because the french fry truck had ALL SORTS of fry flavors that I wanted to try. But it's okay because they ate up that entire pizza and container of fries.

My gyro. Which was actually lamb. And I actually liked it. I usually order pork--which is actually the most traditional kind of gyro--but that night the food truck guy said their pork was particularly spicy. I said, maybe no then because I'm pregnant and I throw up super easy. After which he convinced me to try lamb, even after I told him I hated it. It didn't taste like lamb. it was SOOOOOO good.

We ordered a large blue raspberry icee to share. It was delicious. I wanted to eat the entire thing by myself. I probably could have, haha.

Blue teeth.

Sick Molly sleeping on my lap.

My camera came!!!!! Along with a bundle of cool stuff--a case, the sd card, a sd card reader/writer, a remote clicker, a telephoto lens, a wide angle lens, lots of cords and other things I have no idea how to use but hope to learn how! And...this tripod. This camera is supposed to have really good video, so I'm hoping with the tripod we can figure out how to take some video of the kids answering some questions every fast Sunday or so, to document their little lives. I'm excited.

My sister heard my angst about this book being out of print and costing $90 and sent me her copy. I LOVE IT SO MUCH and if you haven't read it, you should. It has quite long pages, but my 4 and 5 year old love it. I think the idea is so fanciful and a delight to read. 
And that, my friends, is the end of the phone photos. YAHOO!

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